OUYA announces finalists for CREATE competition


The finalists have been announced for the OUYA CREATE competition hosted by Kill Screen, as well as a smattering of other award winners for categories ranging from “Most Surprising” to “Pop Your Eyes Out.” The grand prize winner will be selected from a final group of ten come February 18th, but you can check out some of the action now for yourself.

The games range from the top-down, real time strategy action of Duel Core to platformers such as Avner – An Unexpected Hero. Things even get a bit mystical with the spooky spells and ghostly puzzles of Whispering Willows. Kill Screen has done a great job of highlighting a wide range of gameplay styles, truly showing off some of the great gaming that awaits future OUYA owners.

Head over to the Kill Screen site to check out all the finalists for the grand prize and other categories. The first OUYA consoles should be reaching early backers in about a month’s time.

[via Kill Screen]

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