Here is the handmade Android phone from Vertu, yours for only $10,000


Luxury phone manufacturers get one thing right: their handsets are very expensive. It’s everything that makes a smartphone inherently valuable to its users that companies like Vertu seem too miss the mark on. But folks that spend $10,000 on a handmade cellphone aren’t all that interested in valuing things for their normal functionality. They’re too busy using hundred dollar bills as dinner napkins.

The Vertu Ti is assembled in England and features a titanium case, “sapphire crystal” display, and then a bunch of other specs you could find on a $100 smartphone after subsidies and rebates. 3.7-inch WVGA display, dual-core processing, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. For Vertu, it’s all about “craftsmanship.” No thanks, we’ll save our money.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. People that buy this are a great example of verytinypenis syndrome.

  2. Naaaah lol

  3. For the price of this phone you could buy a new Android phone every 3 weeks for a year. And that isn’t even considering if you sold your 3 week old phone each time.

  4. That looks like a retarded Decepticon.

  5. Actually you get those specs for free with a contract normally. Anyone who buys this phone was likely born into money, they certainly aren’t smart enough to have earned it.

  6. Only $10,000 !?

    OMG…Please can I buy one???

    1. pfft… just one?

  7. Its not very cool to have one if your the only person dumb enough to pay that.

    1. If you really were the only person to own one, it would probably be a great investment.

  8. i’d love to try the concierge service – wish you could just buy a month of that to try it out… not that i live a lifestyle where that would matter, but i think it would be fun. and saphire for the screen-glass? nice. puts gorilla glass to shame, that’s for sure. there’s a reason fine watches use saphire not just for the crystal (face) but also in the movement: it’s one of the toughest substances known to man.

    if someone gave me one of these phones, i’d probably sell it. not because i wouldn’t want it, but because $10k should go a lot further than a phone+concierge in my life. if i had $10k to burn like many celebrities, etc… i’d definitely get one of these :)

  9. Whew,lucky us,this was almost a WINDOWS phone:


    Coincidentally,I just sold my tablet yesterday.Only $9,800 to go & this baby’s all mine.


    1. FTA: “…with just 326,000 Vertu smartphone owners worldwide after 10 years in the industry”.

      Jeez ! There’s THAT many stupidly rich people out there that want & bought these things ?? !! Drives home the point about how much the economic elite have picked all our pockets.

  10. A sapphire crystal screen is very nice. Ive had my Movado watch I use regularly (now daily) with a Sapphire Crystal face, has one small scratch you can barely see after 12+ years of use

  11. I took out a mortgage. Bought ten and plan on putting them in my safety deposit box. Want to see what I can get for them in 16 years. I will sleep soundly knowing that my kids college education is now a reality. Just wish they hadn’t charged 2,300 for shipping :P

  12. If i’m going to pay $10k for a smartphone, it will be 5″ 4k display, 8 core 3ghz CPU, 8 gb of ram, 200 gb of storage, 2gb of ram for GPU, and 10,000mAh of battery. And it’s water proof, dust proof, and shock proof. Haha now I’m really dreaming…

  13. I can think of plenty of different things I would spend $10,000 on if I had that kind of cash just lying around. This phone probably wouldn’t make the top 100.

  14. Meh, us poor folks have better phones than that.

    People that buy this phone are aka … Rich and Wasteful.

    I thought Crackberry was now the de facto standard for the ruling elite?

  15. Well, I keep asking for a <4.3” Android phone with high build quality, so I feel a little churlish ridiculing one of the few that exist.

  16. For $10,000 they better roll out the jelly bean update pretty damn quickly….

  17. Ew. That’s the ugliest effing phone I’ve ever seen. I’d ask for a refund.

    Why – why WHY would you have shell out 10K for a smartphone that is ugly and has extremely mediocre specs? Especially when there are plenty of affordable smartphones that are much more attractive than that. The GS3, for example.
    If I was gonna pay 10K it would be for the most juiced up GS3 possible, or a nice HTC or something… but definitely not THAT. *shudder*

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