Fans estimate Google has sold its one millionth Nexus 4


Though Google remains mum on exact sales figures for the Nexus 4, a group fans at XDA believe they have cracked the handset’s IMEI number and discovered a way to estimate the number of phones in the wild. According to a post yesterday, the Android 4.2 flagship has reached its one millionth unit sold.

The number can be traced to a black Nexus 4 supposedly manufactured on February 5th and sold in Turkey. Technically it was pinned down as the 999,998th phone off the line, but the assumption is that LG has produced phones beyond that number. According to their figures, production of the phone has increased significantly in the new year, with LG pumping out over 550,000 units in January alone.

Google seems to be catching up on its backlog of Nexus 4 orders, and the once hard to come by device has been in stock via the Google Play Store fairly consistently as of late. If you want the details on how the number of devices manufactured and sold is being calculated, or if you want to add your data to the crowdsourced cause, head over to the XDA link below.

[XDA via TechCrunch]

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  1. Google, sell a version of your smartphone for ALL US carriers like Apple does. Thank you.

    1. No. You tell Verizon and Sprint to stop being douchebags, then we’ll be open to suggestions.


    2. You mean sell to one carrier at a time, with a few years in between each carrier, choosing carriers based on who pays you the most and not by customer demand, with iron fisted control over the ecosystem? Yeah, let’s do that again.

    3. When did Apple phones sell to ALL carriers? Must have forgot the memo, but Tmobile never got it.

      1. +1 ^^ Good point, sir.

    4. “Like Apple does?” Dude, I think you got dropped off in the wrong neighborhood. I think you meant to say “like Samsung does.”

  2. 1 million units sold, only 750,000 delivered luhlz

    1. where have you been the passed 2 weeks?

      1. Two weeks doesn’t make up for the botched launch and aftermath of it all. This phone probably would have hit the million mark awhile ago of LG and Google could keep up with demand. This really shouldn’t have been an issue, especially one of this magnitude. By now, early seekers of the phone have likely moved on.

        1. Yup, they definitely could have done better. Still, this will be by far the best selling Nexus phone ever.

        2. No but you’re bringing up old news. Get over it.

  3. The Nexus phone was seen as a phone for developers. Personally I think there should be no need to deal with the network carriers, it’s not a Nexus if it takes 12 months for a carrier to approve an update, that’s where the problem lies. If you want to go through an operator, just get any other android phone. Personally I gladly paid the $350 for my Nexus 4. An iPhone on contract costs not much less, and you are locked in with a carrier.

    1. A 16 gb iphone costs MUCH less. You can even get one for free on contract.

      1. how come i never thought of this?! i feel like such an idiot

        1. no. you’re an idiot if you agree with that logic. unlocked iphone=700. unlocked nexus 4=300.

      2. free on contract, but you end up paying an extra $1000 or so in subsidy payments on that contract.

        1. depending what service you have, sometimes your bill doesnt change what so ever

      3. and a nexus 4 costs $50 on contract. or 300 directly from google. the iphone costs around 700 off contract. not sure what you’re smoking but pass it over :)

        1. I’d like to smoke some of that too once you’re done.

    2. that’s a selfish stance on the matter. Some people want stock android but dont have reliable tmobile service where they live. You should want the Nexus on all carriers if you want Android to spread.

      1. while i agree it should be available on all carriers, it also works on Straight Talk AT&T which also covers a lot of people.

      2. the carriers that the nexus isn’t available for are cdma. Google tried to work with sprint and verizon but they effed up the nexus. so now cdma networks get bloated android phones. they ruined it for everyone.

        1. The nexus also isn’t fully available for att’s entire network (LTE). Also, sprint didn’t screw up the nexus, they just delay updates. Regardless of such, there are people who cannot our will not leave Verizon or sprint and they cannot get a high end stock Android phone without rooting.

          So regardless of what Verizon or sprint did, the message stands the same, if you are pro Android, then you want a nexus on every carrier.

          1. The nexus is compatible with att. Its not advertised as an late phone. Sprint and Verizon need to realize that they cripple these devices.

          2. Yes but my point being, an injured Lebron James is still better than no Lebron James. And people who ate stick with sprint our Verizon for whatever reason would rather a nexus with slightly delayed updates over no nexus at all. And as a fan of Android you should want everyone to have access to a high end stock Android device

          3. I think this makes most sense. Not everyone everywhere will be able to use any one phone/carrier. In my case nothing beats Verizon LTE
            You can talk all day with whatever dislikes you have on that carrier but the combo I have with speed and cost is best for my area and needs.
            Do I like Verizon? not much ..and i had to go through hoops to get wallet working. Nexus isnt great for everybody. I just wish nexus lovers would get that.

  4. Lol iron fisted control over the ecosystem. I think you must have google confused with apple.

  5. LG optimus G only sold a million, so this makes The Nexus 4 LG’s second best selling phone. Surprised LG isn’t advertising this more.

  6. That’s just great… Now call me when Google SHIPS their 1,000th Nexus 4.

    1. I bet that sounded a lot funnier in your head, huh?

  7. Fans estimate all kinds of crazy crap.

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