Original Droid Incredible receiving minor update to address random reboots


The original HTC Droid Incredible — yes, the device that launched nearly three years ago — is receiving the most minor of minor updates today. It’s random, but not totally unexpected. Verizon posted the support documentation for the update last week, detailing the 4.2MB patch that is now arriving for users still carrying the handset.

What does the update address? “Reduced device reboots.” Nothing less, nothing more. Like we said, pretty minor stuff. It does, however, provide us with an opportunity to reflect on the device. The hype leading up to its launch, filled with leaks and rumors galore, was a real sign of things to come. It was the tip of the iceberg in terms of the sort of fervor Android fans now show for their favorite OS and the phones that run it.

With most two-year contracts for the Droid Incredible long expired, few are still slinging the phone on a daily basis. But if you have one sitting around collecting dust, it might be worth firing that bad boy up, grabbing the update, and taking a trip down memory lane.

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  1. This phone is 3 years old, whats the point?

    1. Some people tend to have things and use them for as long as they can. Isn’t broke why fix it?

      1. you’d be surprised at how many people still use them or have passed them on to young children

    2. If a phone still works, a lot of people will keep using it. It’s not a hard concept to understand.

    3. What a witless post. If the phone works why won’t someone use it? bah

    4. DINC and DINC 2 were both excellent devices and deserve at least basic updates.

  2. I remember this phone. It was my first android phone. I had the random reboot bug. It would reboot at least 5x a day. I got a replacement and the issue was resolved. Don’t see why anyone would have kept the phone for this long if they were still having that issue. After this, I got the galaxy s captivate which had a dead gps chip. I didn’t have a truly bug free android experience until I got the Motorola Atrix.

    1. We’ve kept it and it only reboots at 2am. Sometimes it boot loops when it turns back on but a quick battery pull in the morning solves the issue. The only other bug it has is the “insufficient space” notification – even though there is plenty left.

      1. i used to get the “low disk space” notification all the time. i finally bit the bullet and moved my lesser used apps to SD card. the problem that isn’t a problem is now solved :)

      2. REDUCED device reboots. LOL.

      3. Well it sounds like your reboot issue was much less severe than mine, so good for you. My old Droid Inc would reboot randomly in the middle of the day, or while I was playing a game, or while I was on a phone call, and for no apparent reason.

    2. i had to get almost a dozen replacements when I had this phone, all because of the reboots. Finally I gave up and told them to send me the Inc. 2, which had problems of its own. If I didn’t just upgrade a week ago to the Galaxy Note 2, I would have told them to send me the old Inc 1 now that they’ve fixed the problem.

    3. Man the captivate GPS just don’t want to work. Everyone was trying every trick in the book. Nexus S was my next phone.

  3. Makes a good media player lol

  4. This was the best phone I ever had…

  5. My wife uses this phone and I happened to see her rebooting it this morning. I inquired and she said it was an update of some sort. Glad to see Phandroid is on the ball!
    And she still has it because every time one of our 2yr contracts is up, her android fanatic of a husband upgrades his equipment. She’ll soon get my Galaxy Nexus so I can upgrade to a Motorola X or S4.

  6. Lol I definitely remember this phone, as well as the hype leading up its launch. Those Droid Incredible commercials, man lol. At the time, I had the original Moto Droid (which I did love) but man I really wanted the Incredible. Absolutely amazing how far mobile technology has come in 3yrs

  7. You can buy a refurbished unit off ebay for about 55 dollars and they make a great media player. You can even install JB on them…

  8. That phone ruled. Better reception in my house the my s3

  9. Verizon is just trolling us now.

  10. Tons of custom roms for this phone.

  11. This gets an update while my Galaxy Nexus software is still outdated? Screw you, Verizon.

    1. To put this into perspetive, Gingerbread is the best OS I (owning a DInc) can run without dealing with lag.

      1. Then you really need to upgrade to a new device.

    2. screw you. never talk bad about verzion. /s

  12. my lady and i still have OG incredibles as our daily drivers. both running CM7. can’t come up with a compelling reason to get a new phone, as these still work great and are a fantastic size for those of us who don’t want huge phones in our pockets.

  13. Thank. Bloody. God.

  14. Loved that phone. Love my rezound too.

  15. I wonder – does it update if All I use it for is a Wi-Fi device? I have long since taken mine out of service.

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