Feb 8th, 2013

The original HTC Droid Incredible — yes, the device that launched nearly three years ago — is receiving the most minor of minor updates today. It’s random, but not totally unexpected. Verizon posted the support documentation for the update last week, detailing the 4.2MB patch that is now arriving for users still carrying the handset.

What does the update address? “Reduced device reboots.” Nothing less, nothing more. Like we said, pretty minor stuff. It does, however, provide us with an opportunity to reflect on the device. The hype leading up to its launch, filled with leaks and rumors galore, was a real sign of things to come. It was the tip of the iceberg in terms of the sort of fervor Android fans now show for their favorite OS and the phones that run it.

With most two-year contracts for the Droid Incredible long expired, few are still slinging the phone on a daily basis. But if you have one sitting around collecting dust, it might be worth firing that bad boy up, grabbing the update, and taking a trip down memory lane.

[via AndroidForums]

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