Jelly Bean ready for LG Optimus 4X HD, L7, L9


LG has announced via their Facebook page that Jelly Bean updates for the Optimus 4X HD, Opiitmus L7, and Optimus L9 are nearing the final stages of development before rolling out to users. The news comes by way of LG’s Hong Kong branch and covers versions of the phones carrying the model numbers P880 (4X HD), P705 (L7), and P765 (L9).

The timing of the announcement is fitting. As LG prepares to launch its next generation of smartphones at Mobile World Congress, the arrival of Android 4.1 makes an appropriate sendoff for older models. Even if that sendoff took quite a while to arrive.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. OK so they are in ts final stages…….question is how long is it going to take U.S. carriers to get it out. Especially at&t where they are the remaining carrier to yet upgrade the One X.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this announcement, nice :)

  3. Bring it to the Sprint LGOG already

  4. And yet the optimus g still sits on ICS. Don’t buy LG people they are the worst with software!

    1. Optimus G has JB in Korea days ago. I don’t think you know how many android phones have JB except nexus and the phones which released with JB from the start.

    2. i’d take an Optimus G on ICS over an Evo LTE on jellybean anyday

    3. I think we’ll see an improvement from LG this year.

  5. Is the Optimus L9 a decent phone? , I’m thinking about grabbing one

    1. It doesn’t seem bad but not the best choice for now. It has an OMAP ap and the chip maker TI is no longer supporting drivers for new android updates. I got LG’s prada phone which has same ap so trust what I’m saying.

    2. L9 is a good phone especially for the $199 price point and performs pretty well let’s see how long it takes T-Mobile to push the update to their model. This is obviously the reason to pick up an international model of a phone, no need to worry about the carrier slowing down the already slow process.

  6. P765? But the T-Mobile version is P769, does this mean we’re not getting it?

    1. Just ask anyone who has the LG G2X w/T-MOBILE in the U.S. if they’re getting ICS any time soon,as the international version is & you’ll have your answer……..

  7. final stages for LG = release 2014
    im personnally happy I left them for update matters.

  8. I’m sorry, OLDER MODELS?? APPROPRIATE SEND OFF FOR OLDER MODELS?? WHAT??? How the heck is THE LG OPTIMUS 4X HD an OLDER MODEL? It was meant to be the flagship device of LG before the Optimus G arrived, and if you look at the specifications of the two phones, they both have the same ability to be upgraded at least until android 5.0. Why the heck is LG ditching a quad core device just like that? And WHY ARE YOU GUYS DOING THE SAME???? If they are letting go of The 4X HD, they should do the same for Optimus G. If this does happen, and LG will simply forget about The 4X and make the G their main priority, what a waste of a good phone that would be.

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