This HTC teaser could double as the poster for the next Matrix movie


No, this creepy image isn’t a teaser for the next film from the Wachowski brothers. This heart bleeds for whatever HTC has dreamed up next (hint: the HTC M7). The picture, which features a realistic depiction of the human organ melding into a circuit board, is rife with suggestion.

HTC could be teasing a smartphone that is more “human” than its predecessors, with features that could tie intuitively into the natural flow of life. The company might be getting a bit more sentimental, offering the illustration so as to say, “Our new phones have heart, they have soul.” Whatever it is, the theme matches the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday in a rather macabre way. And the February 14th celebration of love falls only a few days before a scheduled event where it is expected HTC will unveil their 2013 lineup.

The picture reminds us of some of the original Droid ads marketing the phone as an eery extension of the human body. It certainly is a different approach than that of Apple and Samsung, both companies that place a focus on their phones as social status icons in recent advertising. Whatever HTC is teasing though, it will be “alive soon.” Let’s hope it isn’t some sort of Android-powered Frankenstein beast.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Its a bit creepy but good marketing showing that they develop technology with heart in mind. But also because it’s a real heart and not a drawing like on a valentines carrots shocking and leaving an impression

  2. I don’t think I will ever move back to Sense, but I do like their hardware designs. I do hope success with this though.

  3. Good luck HTC. I want you to succeed. Just not with my cash.

    1. here’s to hoping the end product lives up to the hype!!!!!

  4. HTC ‘Beat’.. get it??

    1. HTC Beat … With Beats Audio

  5. Might need a heart transplant…

  6. Correction. The Wachowski Siblings. 8P

  7. I don’t think I will ever go back to Touchwiz.

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