Feb 6th, 2013

Whenever a company begins trademarking new device names it’s always interesting to ponder what they could be looking to do. However exciting it may be to get a beeline on a company’s plans, it’s important to remember that these names might not ever be put into use. In fact, it’s not often we see a good amount of names in one of these lists come to fruition as actual products.

Samsung is the latest OEM to have its latest list of ideas come to the forefront, though instead of a leaked roadmap these names are actually trademarked. This might give a little more weight to the possibility that we’ll see one or two of these show up as actual device names, but a trademark alone isn’t enough to go on.

To be specific, we’re looking at the Galaxy S Kit, Galaxy S Mate, Galaxy S Impact, and the Galaxy S Act. A quick round of “guess that phone” might lead me to believe that the Galaxy S Kit could be some mid-range offering, the Galaxy S Mate could be an MID equipped with an S-Pen (or pretty much a Galaxy Note without phone radios), the Galaxy S Impact could be a rugged option, while the Galaxy S Act could be a phone tailored toward those who’s always on the fitness track.

These leaked names tend to be too ugly for retail, but Samsung’s latest set could pass for some legitimately marketable material. That doesn’t change the fact that none of these are guaranteed to come to fruition, but it’s something to think about regardless. What do you think?

[USPTO via PocketNow]