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Share to Google Talk on Android with GTalkShare [VIDEO]


Google Talk seems to be one of Google’s abandoned step children. We have been begging for file transfers, group chats and many other features, but no major update comes around. Not being able to share to Google Talk on Android is one of Google’s most notorious faults, though, and that is what we are going to touch on right now.

Developer 360Dev has a very nifty solution for all of us looking to share directly to Google Talk – GTalkShare. It has been around for a while, but it really should have more downloads. I mean, this is Google’s official IM service, how can the guys at Mountain View not give us some sharing love?

GTalkShare does exactly what the title entails – it allows you to share to your Google Talk contacts straight from Android’s native sharing function. Upon opening the app, one is prompted to select which Google account to use. You must allow the app access to your Google Talk account, so no need to sign in or any of that.

After that, simply go to any app, hit the share button and tap on GTalkShare. Then select your recipient and share away! It’s really that simple. Sure, it doesn’t have the most beautiful UI or the smoothest experience, but it works as intended.

So there you go, guys. Head to the Google Play Store and download this app! Do you struggle with this lacking feature, as well? Do you have another solution? Let us know in the comments!

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. If they could just merge Talk, G+ messenger, and Voice Chat… That would be faaaantastic and finally a competitor to FaceTime.

    1. I’ve wondered this as well. And not just FaceTime but iMessenger as well.

    2. Ya… Three incomplete apps where they only need one good final product. It’s a bit confusing really… Doesn’t make sense.

    3. I am guessing that this will be announced in May at Google i/o as a download in the Play store for 4.0 and up but released in stock android with Key Lime Pie

      It will have the hangouts feature for contacts who have a G+ account, it will send messages over the web if you are on wifi and they are online otherwise it will check your preferences (in the settings set to either sms or mobile data (mms/wifi/data for files))

      It will not feature the holo theme, but a Google Currents/Google Now, card type interface.
      The best feature of this new app is complete integration with Google Chrome’s notification center. Allowing you to send and receive messages from your browser and allows you to save files directly to Google drive or share them on G+

      So yes…I have high expectations from this years i/o


      1. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

        1. You will be laughing to a different tune come May. When I will be proven right on the spot and all shall be made witness to see the glory that is my clearvoyance, now BOW before your new master!!! Muwhahahahahahaa……

          Okay… maybe not….but dontcha wish your i/o was cool like mine?

    4. and even add sms and google voice into it. it would be like the all in one ‘google messenger’ or something. would be awesome

    5. Agreed. This is the only area at this point where Android is massively behind iOS. iMessage blows away the cluster-F of Google messaging Apps.

      Google Voice, Messaging, Talk, G+, video/voice should all be merged into a seamless and modern experience. This is the #1 thing they should do for KLP, now that they got the lag mostly worked out.

  2. This has always been a frustrating omission.

    I’d be happy with “Share with > Copy to clipboard”

  3. I use Ctrl+C to share to any unsupported application.

  4. G+ Messenger is just fine for my needs

    1. Yeah, but who’s on Google+? O_o

      1. A lot more people than those using the featureless Google Talk

      2. Everyone that has Google Talk O_o

  5. I use AOKP and share to clipboard is an option. I used to have this problem though.

  6. it’s not pretty but it works i see. google just needs to overhaul a few of their apps and make android gesture based.

  7. Funny piece of trivia – the old Google Talk desktop application actually did support file transfers. It was the only version of talk to ever do so, and was one of the fastest methods of long-distance file transfer I’ve ever seen. Of course, that application is pretty old nowadays, not even (AFAIK) supported by Google anymore. They prefer you to use the Chrome extension now, which honestly is a much better pc client. It just requires chrome to be installed, and doesn’t include file transfers.

    But yes, I agree with everyone here, the Google plus messenger and Google Talk desperately need to be merged.

  8. I find this to be pretty silly since anyone with Talk also has G+…. And there is ALWAYS an option to share to G+.

    1. This is not always the case. Also I just want to send a link to someone, why do I have to make a post on a social network, just for them, to do so?

      1. What does it matter? If it’s intended only for them… they’re still the only ones that will receive it. It works THE EXACT same way as it would if you were able to send it directly through Talk. If they’re not online, they still have an email and G+ notification.

        And yes it is the case… everyone that has Talk has G+. Even if they do not actively use it, they will receive gmail notifications of anything you send them.

      2. Besides which… if you only want to send a link. How much trouble is it to copy the link and post it into Talk O_o

  9. This app seems similar to a great app that I use called CloudSend. CloudSend also works with services besides Talk to to allow sending files

  10. Thanks for this!

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