Verizon launches two new prepaid smartphone plans starting at $60


Verizon has announced two new prepaid offerings for subscribers looking to avoid the hassles of a longterm contract. Replacing an older $80 per month plan that afforded customers 1GB of data along with unlimited talk and text are two less expensive options.

The lowest tier of prepaid service is priced at $60 per month and provides 500MB of 3G data. For $10 more per month that data cap can be upped to 2GB. Both plans include unlimited talk and text.

The main drawback is that Verizon is only opening the new service options specific handsets, and none rank among the latest and greatest from the carrier. Users seeking cheap, pay by the month plans will have to settle for older devices like the HTC Droid Incredible 2.

[via Verizon]

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  1. nope. as soon as my contract is up i’m ditching VZW

    1. mine is up in june, i just bought a Nexus 4 im paying the ETF and never looking back, F**k Verizon

  2. So for $70/month I can get 2gb of 3g data and a some second tier last gen phone? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. I think I’ll stick with my nexus 4 on t-mobile for $30/month. This isn’t the way to win me back, Verizon. I’m so glad I left Verizon. Paying the $225 ETF didn’t even hurt since my bill phone bill went from $80/month (employer discount), to $33/month after taxes and fees.

    1. How in the world do you get a $33/month DATA plan and what does this include?

      1. Unlimited 4g and assuming LTE when it arrives and text unlimited plus 100 talk minutes.. But like me 100 mins talk means nothing’ I use talkatone over Google voice and wallah unlimited minutes :) basically the best plan in the whole f’N world! And its not 33 its 30 FLAT!
        P.s. not to mention I tether my phone to my nexus 7 and No f’N contract period!

        1. That is a sweet deal! For what you get… I used 5gb in the last 5 days though. I don’t think this would work for me. Sometimes I turn off wifi when watching HQ YouTube videos when at home even with 20mbs because the Verizon LTE is faster. Thanks for the info!

          Ps I don’t see unlimited 4g anywhere it says up to 5gb…do you have a grandfather plan?


        It’s an awesome plan for those of us who don’t use our phones for talking.

        You do have to pay retail for your phone though. $300 for the Nexus 4, $549 for the GS III, $649 for the Note II. Those numbers are painful after all the years of getting subsidized phones.

        1. That’s true about the unsubsidized. But my gs3 was $250 for the 32gb version 2 yr contract of course so for the nexus at $300 is no difference in PRICE when you look at it really. That is a sweet plan though for most users. Thanks for the link

  3. MVNO deals are much better. Page Plus should work with all the same phones for only $45 per month instead of $70.

  4. Wow! Only $60 per month! For a uselessly small speck of data. Very old, very slow 3G speeds. An extremely limited number of phones. Only can be used on older phones. The headline is VERY misleading. It should say “Useless new data plan from Verizon.”

  5. These chuckleheads continue to exemplify the definition of rectal-cranial inversion syndrome. It’s just baffling.

    I suspect that, similar to RI… excuse me, “BlackBerry,” Verizon is propped up largely by corporate-influenced accounts (both true corporate accounts and personal accounts compensated or influenced by corporate interests). Ergo, I refuse to believe the average little guy consciously makes a decision to stay with these circus clowns if they’re honest with themselves about their *personal* wireless needs.

  6. T-Mobile’s $30 a month plan gives you 5GB of full speed hspa+42 etc and unlimited texts w/ 100 minutes. Verizon is a joke.

  7. And yet another reason why I am leaving.

    Screw up a NEXUS and get rid of my unlimited plan unless I pay more than the phones cost unlocked, and offer no plans at any price near what I have now. Why the hell would I ever stay?

  8. This would be reasonable if it worked with ANY of Verizon’s old phones (for places with only Verizon coverage). The MVNOs (e.g. Virgin Mobile) have a better selection of phones for this strategy, and they force you to buy their phones because they plans are so cheap (but Verizon already have plenty of contract-based revenue).

  9. Fantastic, Not!

  10. Yep, once again Verizon blows it. For the first time since 1993 my wife and I will be saying goodbye to them. Greedy bastards.

  11. Apparently Verizon thinks that everyone chatters a lot on a phone. I barely use talk minutes but use data. Like others here I did ditch Verizon for the $30 a month T-Mobile plan. The only problem for the moment is coverage where I live but that should improve when the T-Mobile merger of MetroPCS happens. Unfortunately T-Mobile wanted to build a tower right on this same block but neighbors fought it.

    1. I hate when that happens people complain about signal but won’t let towers go up hell I would love a T-Mobile tower next door although I get 20 Mbps from my WiFi cell data just loads smoother except my house lands in a 2g pocket

  12. EPIC FAIL!!!!

  13. With Verizon, there is no such thing as cheaper

  14. I use 2gigs on a daily basis probably

  15. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU Verizon! My Nexus 4 is on the way!

  16. What you people do not understand is that verizon doesn’t want you on these plans. They wasn’t to keep you locked into a contract on tiered data.
    That’s why they make it overpriced with very little usage of data and very slow 3g limited coverage data.
    Its not hard to figure out.

  17. I see Verizon is STILL trying to use the ungreased pipe o’ luv. Ditched em’ years ago, and happy on no-contract with cricket…although I’m looking at t-mobile now. :-D

  18. Hey thanks for the link about T-Mobiles prepay plans….sorry if this is a dumb question, but would me and my wife do the 50$ a month prepay plan? Or does that not work and they would try and put us into a family plan? Again if dumb question i apologize lol

  19. I meant to say would my wife and I be ABLE to do the 50$ plan. Making it to around 100 bucks

  20. I know it’s a bit feeble comparing Magenta to Big Red, but I pay $70/month NO CONTRACT for 2GB of data with HSPA+ and unlimited text/talk on Tmo. I have a Galaxy Nexus that I bought on Ebay for $225 (not exactly brand spanking new, but def not cruddy). The downgrade to 3G offered by VZW is a shill and rip-off!

    1. Time to change your plan they now have unlimited data for that price in both prepaid and value plan

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