Ben’s Outlet offering $249 Toshiba Excite 10.1 as Deal of the Day


A couple of years ago you would be hard pressed to find any quality Android-powered slates at a value price. Now there seems to be no shortage of deals on tablets in recent months, whether it’s the wallet-friendly Nexus 7 or this one-day offer for the Toshiba Excite 10.1 from Ben’s Outlet. As their Deal of the Day, the tab can be purchased for only $249.

With a list price of $499, the savings are apparent. Sure, the Excite 10.1 is feeling its age slightly. It features a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and runs Android 4.0, which might leave a hankering for Jelly Bean in the mouth. But for half the normal price, budget savvy tablet buyers can surely justify picking one up.

At the time of writing, plenty of stock remained, but buyers will still want to act quick. This limited time deal expires at the end of the day.

[via Ben’s Outlet | Thanks, Denny!]

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  1. I have this tablet and its done me well.. It runs stable and gaming on it is awesome…BUT BUUUUUTTT…..There is currently no way to root this tablet and TOSHIBA is not budging on this issue. Updates? it looks like Toshiba is not going to update to JB…..

    1. sucks. that’s the problem with tablet deals like this. By the time they get this cheap, they’ve already been forgotten by the devs. I really hope all these android devs start upping their game now that Samsung is eclipsing Apple. As it stands, I still get ipad2 updates (6.01 yesterday). I’ve love to see that much attention from most of the top Android devs, making sure their products aren’t forgotten immediately after launch.

    2. I really don’t care about upgrading to JB. ICS works fine. The deal sounds great if a person was looking for a low cost 10″ tablet. The only downside it that reports of this “Ben’s Outlet” look mixed at best.

    3. I’m running Jelly Bean via an OTA update.
      Not sure where you are, but if you have an AT300/AT305 you probably should have gotten it before Christmas.

      1. I did not know my good sir…. Thank you for letting me know…

      2. I honestly had no idea… Haven’t checked for an OTA in months.. I gave up hoping for JB

  2. What’s the battery life of this tablet?

    1. Pretty Darn Long…Standby time with no usage can get up to 3 days from my tablet.. so with heavy usage and this being wifi, you may go as high as 7-10 hours. All depends on your usage, the programs you use and how they suck up battery.

      1. This^

  3. thanks Kevin i just got my self one, couldn’t resist such a good deal.

  4. I own this tablet and it rocks, once you forgive the backlight bleed.
    I seriously have no problem doing anything with this tablet, and I like it very very much.

  5. Mine updated to Jelly Bean last month.

  6. Why didn’t you report that they were “Factory Refurbished” or did you assume we all would know that…lol

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