Leak pegs HTC M4 and G2 to launch alongside flagship M7


The hype leading up to a February 19th HTC press event has been focused on a device known only as the M7, but like last year’s One series launch a new leak suggests the Taiwanese company could unveil multiple cornerstone devices from their 2013 lineup that day. Said to be joining the M7 are two smartphones known for now as the M4 and G2 (not that G2).

The M4 and G2 would be this year’s equivalents of the One S and One V, mid-range and entry-level devices respectively. The M4 is rumored to carry a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU with a 4.3-inch 720p display, 2GB RAM, and 13MP camera. The phone will launch with Android 4.2. The G2 will sport a 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, and a meager 3.5-inch SD display. That phone is pegged with a 5MP camera.

Will the phones be known as the HTC One X 2, One S 2, and One V 2? Or perhaps the HTC Two X, Two S, etc.? We doubt the letter/number code names stick past launch.

Speaking of release dates, a related rumors says the M7 will come to all four major US carriers following a March 8th launch in Europe. Verizon’s version, however, has been delayed and will launch after Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T’s model.

[via TechCrunch, DroidDog]

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  1. I wonder if my original One X will have jb by then.

    1. one x isnt on jb yet??

      1. all of them except the att one are

    2. All the variants, except for AT&T, got Jellybean…
      Bro, you jelly?

    3. I’m starting to wonder if AT&T is purposely holding back to use Jelly Bean as a selling point for the M7.

      Once the M7 is released (or at least announced), I’m sure the One X will receive the update promptly.

      1. They are. Unfortunately I work there and it’s in our internal training. It sucks how we do business Chris. Really does. Honestly.

    4. Time to root

  2. Come On Verizon… Get your stuff together… Bring us the goods

    1. Inorite? I like Big Red but they make it awfully hard to do so…

  3. Makes sense to delay the Verizon model. It follows too closely to the DNA. Besides, Verizon likes to test the hell of their devices before releasing them on their network.

  4. Idk if I’m more excited for this, or the Sony announcement on Feb 20th

  5. wheres the amaze jb, still a great device with all the right stuff.

  6. why not stylize it as One X², etc? Hopefully that comes across properly formatted as I have it written… “X squared” :-)

  7. Is the M7/ X2 even worth a purchase? HTC seems like a step behind Samsung.

    1. If you have used a one x+ you would be as nerdchubbed as the rest of us our. The one x was…. ehh.. but after puttng more ponies under the hood slapping jb on it and a bigger gast tank… the one x+ is dare I say it… the best phone htc ever made. I am stked for this release and will be buying the first one that comes through my door.

      1. Well, I had the pleasure of using the HTC One S, X, and Evo 4G LTE. I had an Evo 4G LTE for work. Never really liked it as much as Samsung. Only the display was better. I say Samsung was a step ahead with 2 GB of RAM in a phone. It does wonders. But a phone without an SD card has me skeptical about making a purchase. I was an avid supporter of HTC, but Sense was too much. The bloatware was worse than Touchwiz. If the M7 is good, I would consider buying it. When the S4 comes out, I will either keep the M7 as a backup phone or sell it. My goal is to get a S4 and some backup phone. I prefer to get a backup phone with a different OS like Windows Mobile 8, iOS, or BB 10. But if those things remain subpar, I wouldn’t mind two Android devices, either a Nexus 5 or Google phone or HTC’s M7 or Sony’s Xperia Z.

  8. I remember my g2 amazing device but how can HTC release a device with a name they already used

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