Sony offering premium headphones with UK Xperia Z pre-orders, a $299 value


Sony is kicking off pre-orders for their Xperia Z in the UK and offering a special treat for anyone reserving the flagship handset within the next month. Available for as low a price as free on a two-year contract (depending on carrier), the Android 4.1 smartphone will come with a set of MDR-1R headphones, a $299 value. You do the math.

The Xperia Z features a 5-inch, 1080p display, 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro, and will be available in white, black, and an O2-exclusive purple paint job. Carriers have said the handset will launch on February 28th, though Sony has been a bit more coy. The date, however, lines up with the free headphone offer, which ends February 27th.

The Xperia Z was already shaping up to be a rather tempting phone, but Sony sure knows how to sweeten the pot. We can only hope a similar offer follows the phone to other regions upon release.

[Sony via The Verge]

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  1. Even though I like the ZL a bit more (I know, I’m weird, but dedicated camera button and smaller bezel, people!) if Sony launches the Z in Canada with this deal… I’d throw some money at that. :)

  2. This is nice but I would had prefered to get 299$ off then free headphones. This phone looks great but if Sony wants it to succed the price neededs to be lowered IMO. In the UK the phone is at 525£ which is 825$ off-contract.

    1. … ok… do we have to go through this again? *Unless* you are importing direct from the UK, the handset price in NA generally is a direct swap of currency. If it’s 525£ there, generally it’ll be around $525 to $550 here. *sigh* So just wait and hope it get’s a NA release or suck it up and pay more to import it if you want it that bad.

      FYI: for example, the Note II was priced 650£ SIM free at launch. How much was the Note II here at launch? $700ish.

      Man this is derp equivalent of deja vu.

      1. I live in the UK. I have no idea what the price is going to be for the US. The currency change was given just for comparison. And it’s not because the phone is at 525£, it will be available for 525$. For instance, the headphone are at 300$ in the US (Amazon) and at 200£ in the UK. This corresponds more or less to the currency change, i.e. 1£=1.58$.

      2. One more thing, the launch price for the Note II in the UK was 550£ (inc. VAT) and not 650£. I don’t know about the US launch price but currently it is listed at 678$ on amazon while you can find it at 450£ on amazon uk.

  3. When I bought Xperia X10, very first SE’s Android phone, I got MW600 – a BT headset with FM radio that I still use. That was a relevant add-on, but this? I guarantee people will just sell the headphones to cover the phone purchase losses. I gotta say though, Sony’s phones sound top-notch, no iCrap or Beats would measure up.

  4. Being British i’m finding it slightly annoying that in the comments people are putting the £ sign after the cost. e.g 525£, this is wrong, it’s £525. Also the headphones are worth £299 not $299. $299 is only £190. £299 = $470

    1. The headphones are $299 here in the US tho, not $470 so thats not wrong.

      As for the #£ vs £#, thats a dif story. I find myself typing it as #$ ALOT for some reason.while I write it $#. No idea why tho… lol

    2. Hopefully you can make it through this great ordeal.

      1. Ha!!!!! Excellent.

    3. Thanks! I juste moved to the UK and I didn’t know that you put the £ before the cost. The problem with the headphones price is that they are sold at £299 on sony online store wherease elsewhere, like on amazon, you get them for around £190.

  5. at&t better OFFER THE SAME DAMN DEAL. i want the PHONE N MOSTLY A NEW pair of head phones. thats a awesome deal uk

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