Jan 30th, 2013

Samsung has unveiled new editions of some of its latest phones, such as the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy Ace 2, Samsung Galaxy S Duos and the Galaxy Ace Duos part of its 2013 LaFleur collection of devices. These particular SKUs don’t actually offer anything of significant value over the original devices, but you do get some cutesy back plate designs. Perfect for the ladies and fitting for the upcoming Valentine’s day season, these phones aren’t confirmed to be headed everywhere just yet.

For starters, it sounds like only Russia is a sure bet to get a crack at this device, and if past releases are anything to go by then we won’t expect it to travel too far out of Europe. The Samsung Galaxy S3 La Fleur is said to be 22,990 rubles, or about $760, so it’s quite the pricey investment.

The other phones are sure to be much cheaper but we don’t have any information in regards to pricing as of now. The devices are said to be headed to Russian store shelves February 1st, and we’ll have to wait for word from Samsung regarding possible subsequent launches in other regions.