Nexus 4 back in stock in more European regions


After returning to the Google Play Store in the US and Germany, the Nexus 4 is going back on sale in more regions around Europe. Citizens in the UK, France, and Spain can all count themselves among those currently able to purchase the oft-soldout smartphones. If they are as lucky as those on the US, the phone might even ship within one business day (instead of the one to two weeks suggested on Google Play).

Yesterday we wondered if Google has perhaps finally gotten their act together when it comes to stocking the Nexus 4, and this widespread availability seems to confirm as much. Word is Australia will also see new stock become available shortly, and other regions are sure to follow.

Now potential Nexus 4 owners are faced with a new question altogether. Rather than ask when the phone will be back in stock, buyers will have to decide whether or not to hold out for the new white version of the phone.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Out of stock in Spain in less than 10 min!

  2. Oh dayum!

  3. Great…..so when will The Netherlands finally get the Play Store?

    I hope Google improves their sales forecast with the next Nexus, because I will want one on day 1.
    But I hope more so than that that Google opens the Play Store here before then, so I don´t have to get it through other countries or overpricing carriers!

  4. Out of stock in France as well. It lasted 2h max. Hey Google, is this a joke? After 3 months?!

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