More hands-on photos of white Nexus 4 emerge


The above picture is the white Nexus 4. Confused? Turns out that only the back of the device will feature a white deco, as revealed in an extensive hands-on photo shoot that should quash any doubts about the pending release of the new color scheme.

A single photo of a white Nexus 4 surface online yesterday to much speculation. Some decried the image as a hoax while others remained hopeful that we could see the new version of the device soon. The latter option seems more likely, especially since it seems Google has finally caught up on the backlog of orders for the standard black version of the phone.

The new images reveal a smartphone that features a two-tone paint job. The front appears unchanged from the black model, while the back half gets a whitewashing while retaining the textured pattern featured on the back panel.

Release details don’t accompany the images, but we would be willing to be Google Play will be the place to grab it (unless it launches as an exclusive with a particular retailer or carrier). Specs, and therefor pricing, should likely remain the same. More images at the source link below.

[Tinh.te via UnwiredView]

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  1. N4 = last year.

    1. N4= Ahead of it’s time.

      1. Yeah because LTE is soo last year.

        1. Actually it’s soooo 2010. But that’s not a bad thing. The Nexus 4 has LTE band 4 which works in Canada and will work on T-Mobile’s US network once the LTE network is up and running. Regardless, even on it’s current speeds of HSPA+42, it is still 4g and can equal LTE depending on where you are- but without the battery drain. Oh, and you can talk and surf at the same time. It’s funny to me that to make people feel better about their phone’s slower dual-core processor, weaker GPU, smaller RAM, pentile screen, carrier and OEM bloatware, outdated Android OS, bootlocked phone, people scream “LTE!!! ” as if all the rest goes away.

          Whatever makes you feel better I guess.

          1. Angry much? But I agree whole-heartedly. The difference between the 2 at this point is marginal for day to day usage. Right now, it ends up being useful for a d**k waving contest. “My phone just did 27mbps on speedtest. That beat your measly 14mbps using HSPA+42!”

            I had to wait a whole 2 seconds longer for a regular website to load on my GNEX vs my S3… oooOOOOOooooo woe is me!

    2. You = Correct

      It did come out last year, but it’s still the shiznit.

  2. Gosh damn it! I was ready to order from the Play Store this morning. Watch them release a 32GB next…

    1. that would piss me off

      1. Why? Just sell yours and get the new one. You’ll make a profit.

        1. Not with the low retail price of the Nexus 4 we won’t.

          1. Presuming, of courser, one can find a retail Nexus 4…

      2. Agreed…although I got a Nexus 4 during the second round clusterfuck of availability in November, I would want a white one just because it looks so damn cool!

  3. please let it be a 32gb

  4. I really hope I’m able to pick up the rear chassis on eBay once its out.

  5. I call fake. At least the side buttons should be white this looks awful.
    And look at the lens slot.
    Custom paint job

  6. February is already among us in 2013. Why waste money on a shitty Nexus 4 when there are so many better choices out there. LG SUCKS BUTTHOLE, at this time of the year people might as well wait for the nexus 5. I hope it is NOT made by LG.

    1. The only people who complain about the NEXUS 4 are people who don’t own one. Those who do will be enjoying “Licorice” while you’re still waiting for second serving of “Jellybean.” Don’t forget, you are what you eat.

    2. Please tell me which one of these “many better choices” provide Android 4.2 out of the box. I’m waiting.

    3. How many other pentaband phones do you know of with a starting price of $299, prompt updates, stock android, dead sexy design, and the ability to acquire service for $30 a month? I’m all ears…

    4. stop calling it a nexus 5! that isn’t how Google works. was the last one nexus 3?

      1. Until we have a name or manufacturer, it’s easier to distinguish the device as nexus 5 rather than “the 5th generation Nexus PDA phone.”

        So how about you take a Xanax and relax.

  7. I don’t understand what the big deal is about white phones. They are the same as the black version but uglier. Good for women though!

    1. When I wear my white suit and drive my white out BMW, I can’t be rockin’ a black phone?
      S**t son… where’s your head at?

      1. lol!

      2. lmaoooo!

      3. WORD! to your mother!

    2. now that’s how you roll, lol

  8. Looks like tiramisu will be the “T” desert.

  9. I smell a Google IO prize for a Google IO prize pack :)

    1. Rob will give away mine again -_-

      1. Quit once you get your media pass, join back later

      2. Haha I’m looking at your Nexus 7 as we speak – Sorry for taking your Google IO one but hey – it’s living a good life :)

  10. Looks sexy. I wish they would release both colors at the same time.

  11. I have the Nexus 4, but I would buy the white version if its 32GB.

  12. White is exclusive to Verizon?

    Lol but seriously, I feel they should make the front white too. It would look great. I really like how that crystallized back looks in white.

  13. Yip yip i want!

  14. omg I didn’t that phone could get any better looking but this is awesome

  15. please drop a 32gb LTE version on sprint…just like last year…

  16. I know it’s not popular opinion but… I actually like a black front and white backing. Reminds me of my white Galaxy Nexus :)

    Although having a white bezel on the front would make the washed out black levels on the Nexus 4 less noticeable.

  17. The front bezel area is not white though.. Kinda disappointed.

  18. ur an idiom it key lime pie

  19. I would call this THE NEXUS 4 WITH A WHITE BACK!! why are people calling this the white nexus 4?

    1. Because the backs aren’t interchangeable…

  20. is that a key lime pie in the background???

  21. Why can’t OEMs release the different color variation of a device at the same time…?

  22. The front should be white too.

  23. For anyone who’s used a phone with soft navigation buttons, you’ll understand why it might be nice having a black front face.

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