ZTE sets sights on high-end smartphone market in 2013, teases Grand Memo phablet


Taking a page from fellow Chinese manufacturer Huawei’s playbook, ZTE is looking to shift their focus away from saturating the market with budget-friendly smartphones and gravitating toward high-end devices in 2013. The company forecasts shipments of 50 million smartphones in 2013, with the category driving 70 percent of its device sales business. This will include the recently unveiled Grand S as well as a newly-teased phablet known as the Grand Memo.

We expect to hear more about the ZTE Grand Memo at Mobile World Congress, but for now we know it sports a 5.7-inch display and measures in at 8mm thick. The phone should help ZTE capitalize on the growing trend of mid-size devices falling somewhere between a phone and tablet.

ZTE has already risen to become the world’s fourth-largest handset maker, but the company hopes that pushing high-end devices will lead to an increase in revenue as well. In 2012 ZTE posted a net loss of 2.9 billion yuan (~$467 million). The new approach could lead to a 40 percent increase in smartphone revenues, helping to narrow that margin.

[via Reuters]


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  1. Chinese phones like ZTE and Huawei= complete crap. Hardware has to be really shitty and cheap. As for updates, please these crappy companies only care about lining their pockets with cash.

    1. As opposed to all the other companies?

      Personally, if that one ZTE phone shown at CES came to VZW and I could easily root it and put Apex Launcher on it, I would be very interested in it.

      Potential future support would be relatively low priority.

    2. ‘Cause no other companies want to line their pockets with cash…

      Just stick to the “they’re gonna steal your info” argument.

  2. Silly Chinese government-backed companies…

  3. Huawei and zte have some attractive looking phones with good specs. Unfortunately they just aren’t reliable. Buggy software and bad battery life ruin them.

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