Jan 30th, 2013

Another Google application has gotten some update love today. Following Google+’s parade, Google Play Music has been blessed with some new features and changes that we should all appreciate. For starters, the widget has been improved with a “previous” button, something that was such a glaring omission that we were wondering if the Mountain View boy were smoking something when they were designing the widget. All our worries are quelled, though, as that is no longer an issue.

Going deeper into the app, Google has made it so that instant mixes now play beyond 25 songs. This annoying limitation made me use the feature sparingly, but we’re glad it’s finally been lifted. Other changes include new default album art, the ability to shuffle an album, artist or playlist, a fix for the freezing issue on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the ability to see pinning progress on the album and playlist pages.

These updates address many things users have been speaking out about in the reviews for quite some time. There’s still work to be done, but no app is ever truly finished — any software engineer will tell you that much. Go ahead and grab the update from the Google Play Store.