Review: Nillkin case for the HTC Droid DNA [VIDEO]


As you guys well know by now, I cycle between Android devices like I do my underoos (every few weeks). Since I’m often selling a previous device for the next greatest model, I like to ensure my devices stay in tip-top shape and near mint condition. There’s no better way to guarantee that than by outfitting a phone with a snazzy, stylish case.

A few weeks ago, my journey led me to some extremely affordable cases from a brand called Poetic and if you remember that post, things didn’t turn out so well for my HTC Droid DNA. No matter, I continued searching for a case and found a brand called Nillkin who offers a wide variety of cases for a few Android devices, my DNA being one of them.

When it comes to the DNA, I’m actually one of the few who loathes the red accents along the side (or anywhere for that matter), so finding a case to cover everything up was just as much about asthetics, as it was about protection. Thankfully, the Nillkin case covers up the sides of the device rather nicely, while providing a nice, textured soft-touch feel.

The only part that really bothers me about the case is the gap left open for the volume rocker. On most cases the edges go up all the way along the sides of the device. With Nillkin’s model, it’s cutout leaving a big gaping hole and is not only an eyesore, but feels a little weird in the hand. But hey, accessing the volume rocker has never been easier.

Still, it’s this one shortcoming that will lead me on another search for an inexpensive, but premium quality case for my DNA. In the meantime, the Nillkin case will suffice. If you don’t think the volume cutout will bother you as much as it did me, you can nab a Nillkin case for the HTC Droid DNA via the eBay link below.

[Nillkin case for $9 on eBay]

Chris Chavez
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  1. No rear notification light cut out is a big deal for me.

    1. *grabs a drill* there is now.

  2. I love my Nilkin N4 case. That’s weird with the volume buttons though… mine doesn’t have anything like that.

    1. Bothers me more than I thought it would. Messes with the whole flow of the lines. #OCD

      1. I’m with you man, I think I’d probably hate it too.

  3. I need one with notification light cutout

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