Jan 30th, 2013

Google Earth fans, listen up — it’s time to tour the world again. Google has announced that it has added 100,000 new tours to the virtual globe-trotting experience. Tours use pictures, Wikipedia excerpts and 3D flyovers to allow you to experience places you might not ever get a chance to visit all across the world. This massive update also features over one million user-made Panoramio photos, and Google uses some of the thumbnails from the photos which best represent that particular place.

Cities and popular landmarks from over 200 different countries are now represented so if most people should have no problem getting admitted to whatever virtual tour their minds can think of. The best part about it is that there’s no extra work involved on your part — if you have Google Earth on your desktop or Android device then the tours are ready to feed the curiosity bug inside of you. Google Earth can be had in the Play Store for the attractive price of $0.00.

[via Google+]