Gun Bros 2 teased with new trailer [VIDEO]


Glu Mobile has just announced the sequel to one of the hottest titles in the Google Play Store. I’m only talking about Gun Bros, of course, and the second edition of the title is headed our way sometime soon. The news was dropped on us with a little teaser to get the hype ball rolling, and that particular piece of media did its job quite nicely, we’d say.

We already know the price of this title as it’s going to be the standard freemium affair that has swept the mobile gaming world as of late, but Glu mobile is not yet ready to deliver a release date. The trailer above seems to feature mostly cinematic action, but we imagine the graphics won’t look much different (albeit in a top-down and zoomed out matter).

The original Gun Bros brought top-down shooting mayhem to the pockets of gamers everywhere and became an instant hit. Its free price tag helped it along to at least 5,000,000 downloads, and for there to be a sequel coming we imagine Glu Mobile walked away with quite a nice bit of change delivered by micro-transactions. Give the original a shot in the Google Play Store while we wait for the second one to drop — I almost guarantee you’ll have a blast the moment you fire it up.

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  1. No more pay-to-win games for me, thank you.

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