Junior SH-05E is a kid-friendly Android phone for NTT Docomo


As the world gets older and older, children are getting entrenched in tech at younger and younger ages. Childrens’ tablets and laptops have already swept the scene, and some tykes are starting to get basic cellphones at young ages. Now, it looks like a market for kid-friendly smartphones are on the horizon. The latest addition to Japanese carrier NTT Docomo’s line is the SH-05, an Android 4.0 smartphone that gives your kid a respectable means of communication without the worries of giving up your parental control.

The smartphone’s claim to fame will be its remote security and parental guidance features as parents can set limits on the amount of minutes used each day, filter content to make sure children can’t surf anything that’s not kid friendly and an easy-to-access list of emergency features in case your child needs to reach you or the local authorities in a jiffy.

Under the hood will be a 1.5GHz dual-core processor with a 12 megapixel camera, a qHD display (of unknown size right now), 8GB of internal storage, GPS and mobile payment features. The phone can meet the style of any youngster as it will come in pink, blue or the more neutral white, and will have basic protection against dust and light weather.

The phone’s user interface looks appropriately playful and cheerful, but it looks like it can handle some heavy lifting at the same time. We won’t be able to tell just how deep the software customization is but we imagine a lot of stock apps have been replaced with counterparts that fit the younger personality of the people it’s aimed for.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely we’ll see something like this released on a global scale, but perhaps this phone will inspire other companies to target the younger crowd just as they have with tablets. Take a look above.

[via New Launches]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. So the kid gets a 12MP camera….Um no. Junior get a Fischer Price phone! What kid needs this? Really?

    My kids (when I have them) will enjoy the gifts of appreciating technology like Nintendo 64 and DOS games! They will hate me so much that when I finally give them a real tech gift like a phone…I will be a god and they will be old enough to appreciate it!

    1. Lol… Or the other way around…
      I can see it now…

      >Christmas day, year 2015
      >A big box under the tree
      >You wrapped a mint N64, in hopes of making them happy to appreciate old tech
      >kids come running down to the tree
      >you can see their excitement as they unwrap the box
      >while unwrapping, one says “I hope its the new XBOX 720!”
      >they unwrapped the box, pulls out N64
      >face turned from joy, to sorrow
      >throws it on the ground, gives you the finger and runs off crying
      >breaks into pieces

  2. Do kids really need such powerful phones?

  3. The specs are adult friendly!

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