Mid-range Sony C5303 HuaShan leaks, borrows looks from Xperia Z


At CES Sony unveiled their flagship model for 2013, the suped-up Xperia Z. A new leak gives us a glimpse of where the company is headed when they unveil the mid-range devices that will take their design cues from that handset. Seen here is the Sony C5303 HuaShan (a codename, obviously).

The phone borrows the circular power on/off/standby button first seen on the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL and carrier the same clean, elegant look. Benchmarks for the device proclaim an HD display, and the ‘About phone’ screen shows Android 4.1.2. A 1.7GHz Qualcomm MSM8960T powers a version of the phone that appears destined for China.

Mobile World Congress seems the logical place to unveil this device. The biggest question remaining? Which letter of the alphabet will follow Xperia when the phone is officially announced?

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. I thought Sony said they were focusing on High end and ditching the lessor models?!

    1. Don’t think they said anything about ‘lesser’ models, more moving away from phones which can’t provide a good experience to the user. This phone sounds fine spec-wise, would put it in the high-mid range.

  2. MSM8960T in this phone, AKA 1.7GHz dualcore Krait, is one the best CPUs right now. Even if its going to be “mid-range” when it starts selling in 3 months, it will be able to run 4.1 and 4.2 without any issues. The only problem could be RAM and internal storage…

  3. Such a big screen. It is perfect for watching videos.
    I have Galaxy S3 and I use ArkMC application to watch videos on the fly from my Western Digital HDD with Twonky onboard.

  4. So instead of one killer phone, they now have 3 phones. I’m not saying one phone fits all, but the one big phone model seems to be working quite well for Samsung and Apple.

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