Get the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for $99 via Amazon [DEALS]


Amazon Wireless has cooked up a rather nice deal for those of you on the Now Network looking for a Galaxy Note 2. The Sprint version of the 5.5 inch phablet is up for sale at the online storefront for just $99, but there’s a catch. As usual, new customers are getting the better end of the deal here as that aforementioned price only applies to them.

You can still get the phone at a discounted price if you’re adding a line.You can get the device for $170 in those circumstances. Even if you’re upgrading, the discounted price point of $200 is a lot better than the $300 Sprint usually asks for.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has proven to be one of the best smartphones of late last year, and even in the fast paced smartphone industry it’s still tops in many different categories. Unique S Pen integration, a very nice chipset, 2GB of RAM, an above average 8 megapixel camera, ridiculous battery life and more all combine to create quite the phone.

Kevin Krause reviewed this phone and raved about all of that, so be sure to click this link and read up on why this phone is worth the $99-200 Amazon is willing to let go of it for. Get over to Amazon Wireless if you’re interested, and let us know if you’re  in for one down in the comments section.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I ordered my upgrade for $200 on January 21st, this isn’t the 1st time this phone has been this price on Amazon, I kept delaying ordering last time and missed out as they raised the price back up, not this time though, coming from the O.G. Evo 4G to the Note 2, all I can say is this phone is AWESOME.

    1. To late for regular upgrading customers, the price is back to $249.99, could’ve saved $50 for all of the procrastinators out there.

  2. I would love to order this but no LTE in San Jose still and I don’t want to get stuck on 3G and sign a contract.. :(

  3. I wish they’d discount the off contract price at least slightly.

  4. damn thats 500 dollars less than what I paid for lol

  5. I have this phone.
    It is amazing! I use it as my home media center with the help of ArkMC application!

  6. Everytime I see one of these it just reminds me… dont buy it when it first comes out… in a couple months it will be seriously discounted. Still love my note 2 though.

  7. Its. 500 les than what you paid because you’re off contract. And who wants crappy service from sprint anyhow

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