Google Wallet update brings overhauled UI, battery life improvements


A new update is available for Google Wallet users from the Play Store. According to the changelog,  the new version of Google’s mobile payment system features updates to the app’s interface, improvements to battery life, and overall app stabilization.

The major change is a move to an interface better integrated with Android’s Holo theme. Instead of a landing page with shortcuts to various functions, the app now features a navigation bar more reminiscent of those found in other Google mobile apps. Just as in other apps, swiping left or right navigates between these “tabs.”

Unfortunately, Google Wallet is still lacking support for a large number of Android smartphones based on carrier restrictions, and this update won’t do anything to change that. If you are able to take advantage of the digital wallet, head on over to Google Play and download the latest version now.

Download Link: Google Wallet

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Sweet !! I can’t wait to download the update !! Oh yeah I’m a Verizon customer, well never mind :(

    1. I was able to use the link below to install it on my vzw gnex. Haven’t tried to use it, but it installed.

  2. awesome app love it

    1. This sounds terrific for people who are allowed to use this wonderful service

      1. you can always side load it if your phone has NFC

        1. There’s nothing preventing you from downloading it, using it is the problem.

  3. Is the Sprint Note 2 supported yet?

    1. nope!

  4. yay!

  5. Never used this once on my N7 and have no reason to. Its just wasted space on the memory. Like Google+…

    1. I couldn’t imagine using it on a tablet either but on my Gnex it’s very functional. I use it all the time.

      1. i use it on my n7 all the time but it is limited to the situation mainly the vending machine at school for any thing else i use my gs3 by the way the updade went smooth with cm10.1 with the build prop edit

    2. to each their own. I use it on both my N7 and GN. And certainly the $25 credit on each didn’t hurt either. I’m sure there is some app you can’t imagine living without but another person thinks its totally useless.

  6. Gotta love HTC and Sprint, works great on my EVO

  7. I believe this is the apk you guys are looking for. get it while it’s available.

    1. Thanks!

    2. thanks, I was able to use this link to install to my stock vzw gnex. Haven’t tried to use it yet, but at least it installed. Farthest I’ve gotten with it.

  8. Wondering if this fixed functionality for the Nexus 4 Rev. 11 devices.

    1. I’ve FINALLY got Google Wallet working on my Rev. 11 Nexus 4! Bout damned time.

  9. Just to note for anyone on CM10.1 (at least on the Nexus 4), this update now seems to work.

    1. Actually the reason it didn’t work before on CM 10 is because the version that shipped with the phone is different than the one on the market. After I flashed CM 10.1 i went to the internet and downloaded the one that shipped, worked beautifully.

  10. Had the last version working on my vzw gs3 using wallet installer app from xda, but this version has found a way to block it from working. Before it would spoof the phone to being a gnex, u would then set up ur cards, then restore ur build prop to gs3 and the app would work fine. On this version, once I restore my build prop to a gs3,i can no longer open the app! Damn you Verizon!

    1. I just leave my build.prop as d2spr. Works just fine, updates directly from market.

  11. So this work on Note 2 now without any build prop changes?

    1. I wish.

  12. Another benefit of owning a Nexus!

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