SwiftKey Flow Beta updated with support for more text fields, ‘easier’ corrections


SwiftKey Flow is inching its way toward a release, but the team behind the popular predictive text keyboard has an update for users already on the beta. The latest version brings SwiftKey’s precognitive autocompletion and flow text entry to even more input fields (still no email, passwords, or certain other apps) while providing easier corrections, more languages, and carrying over a few features from SwiftKey 3.

The full list of changes carries more details, but highlights include split keyboard layout in landscape mode, accelerated long press delete, and the ability to see three possible corrections for a word with one tap. The update also includes a plethora of various bug fixes, though there is still a lengthy enough list of known issues. For all the details check out SwiftKey’s latest blog entry.

Beta version is available as a free download at the same link. If pre-release software isn’t your thing, SwiftKey 3 is available for purchase in the Google Play Store currently. When Flow goes official, it should be available as an update.

[via SwiftKey]

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  1. The one thing I really miss in Swiftkey Flow over Swiftkey 3 is the swipe backwards to delete a word (in fact, it took me a week to figure out why this wasn’t working … duh!). I wonder if they’ll reimplement this some how, perhaps with multitouch gestures.

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