Australians to get a ride on the Nexus 4 train Feb. 1st with retailer Harvey Norman


Just yesterday, we were wondering when we might be able to buy more Nexus 4 units in places like North America and Europe. While Google’s CEO Larry Page had little more to offer than the promise that the Nexus 4 supply issues is the team’s top priority, LG was busy brewing up an announcement that the device would become available starting February 1st… except this time, it’ll be in Australia.

The company has agreed to sell the device in Australia through retailer Harvey Norman, and while the list price will be about AUS$100 more than what you can get it for in the Google Play Store we have a feeling that the Play Store’s limited availability will have folks shelling out the extra dough to own one.

This will be sour news for many to swallow as folks are still without word on a restocking in the Google Play Store in various countries. Word on the street is that Google didn’t put in enough orders to meet initial demand, so if that’s the case then that definitely explains why stock at the likes of T-Mobile and Harvey Norman seem to be more plentiful.

We’re not exactly sure how plentiful it’ll be for the latter just yet, but if there are enough units to guarantee a February 1st launch then that must be where a lot of LG’s production time is going. This entire episode has been one big, confusing headache for everyone involved. You would think Google would get first dibs on LG’s production time, but from the outside looking in it sounds like Google has to wait in line just like everyone else.

Perhaps it’s yet another lesson to be learned for the Mountain View giant, but 2013 is well underway and people aren’t patient enough for lessons anymore. These sorts of blunders might have been cute and flown under the bridge for Google’s first crack at this when they introduced the Nexus One, but I would liken this sort of regression to a cancer that just won’t die — after a while, you just get tired of it coming back and the optimistic attitude and smiles become more difficult to fake each time it does.

That said, we’re still happy for our friends over in the land down under. All Harvey Norman stores will have the device for use with any carrier for $496 outright, while those who want the phone subsidized on a contract will need to pick up a plan with Optus. Read on for full press details.

LG Delivers Sought After Nexus 4 Handset to Australian Retail Stores

Exclusive LG and Harvey Norman partnership announced

SYDNEY, January 24, 2013 – LG Electronics (LG) has announced that the widely anticipated Nexus 4 will be exclusively available through Harvey Norman stores on Optus mobile plans from February 1.

A design collaboration between LG and Google, the LG Nexus 4 was officially launched on Google Play in November 2012, and quickly proved to be a hit after selling out within 20 minutes.

Global demand for the smartphone continues to grow, and offering the handset in Australian stores now will give sales another boost.

The Nexus 4 brings together LG’s advanced hardware design, including Qualcomm’s cutting-edge Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor, for speed and power.  Featuring 2GB of RAM and the latest version of Android® (Jelly Bean), the Nexus 4 is the snappiest Nexus smartphone to date.

“The Nexus 4 is a great example of how LG’s state of the art hardware is innovating in the smartphone market with Google choosing to be its latest hardware partner,” said Lambro Skropidis, General Marketing Manager at LG Australia.

“The response in Australia has been overwhelmingly positive on Google Play already, and we know our Harvey Norman partnership will create even greater demand.”

Stock will be available for an outright purchase of $496 in all Harvey Norman stores and on an Optus plan in selected stores. Pricing will be dependent on the customer’s choice of Optus plan; details of the suggested plans and pricing can be found in store and online atwww.harveynorman.com.au.

Customers can pre-order now for stock available on the 1st February.

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  1. Google and LG destroyed this phone with the way they launched it. I’ve moved on, and so have many others.

  2. Shouldn’t they be thinking to first, seriously, make it available on the Play Store? -_-‘

    “..we have a feeling that the Play Store’s limited availability…”:
    is there gonna be a limited availability again even after 3 months of the actual release date?!

  3. They haven’t even released the charging Orb

  4. They will actually receive their first shipment in June because LG is slacking off and cutting too many corners. :-D

  5. If anyone outside of Australia knew of how much hatred there was for the retailer Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) in this country, just the fact they are selling them will make a lot of people want to buy them from the play store, just so they dont have to put up with douche bags in these terrible stores.

    1. The last time I bought anything from there was an N64 back in early 2001.

    2. so very true! This is the man who single handedly attempted to change the overseas goods import tax level (affecting online purchases) from over AU$1000 to over AU$20 to force more people to shop at his stores – yet until last year he did not even have an online store due to it being a “flash in the pan”. +1 for buying from Google store (or anywhere else!)

  6. The NExus has already shown up in the Hardly Normal stores at AUD$496 ($399 in the Google Store). http://www.harveynorman.com.au/

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