Jan 17th, 2013

One of Android’s most popular and oldest third party browsers has gotten a pretty decent upgrade in the Google Play Store today. I’m talking about Dolphin Browser, of course, and while none of these features are ground-breaking they are all contributing to add to one very comprehensive browsing experience.

One feature today’s update brings is one-tap sharing. This gives you the ability to share what you’re viewing to Facebook or Twitter without interrupting the browsing experience. In that same area, you can share to Evernote or Box.net using the Remember Everything feature in case there’s something you want to go back to later on.

Dolphin Connect has gotten some pretty decent new features, as well. Dolphin now has desktop extensions for the likes of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, the ability to send tabs, images, text and directions to other devices and the ability to sync bookmarks, tabs, history and passwords across devices and the ability to send a page to a friend that’s on the same WiFi network as you.

While Dolphin’s name doesn’t hold the same weight as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it can most certainly hold its own in the realm  of mobile web browsers. The download is waiting for you in the Google Play Store, and it’ll only cost you 4.8MB of bandwidth and a tad bit of your time to get going with these exciting new features. Get to it, and let us know how things work out for you below.