Sony Xperia Z to get Android 4.2 ‘shortly after launch’


In a bit of news that slipped under the radar, during a Twitter conversation with Sony product manager Lego Svardsater (side note: can I have that first name?), some light was shed on plans to update the Xperia Z’s software to the most current version of Android. While the Sony Xperia Z will launch with Jelly Bean, it will be version 4.1. Svardsater, however, revealed that an update to Android 4.2 would arrive “shortly after launch.”

Just how shortly? That remains to be seen. Sony has been plenty transparent with their plans for updates to their entire lineup of Android phones, so we take them for their word when they promise to keep us updated via their official blog. The transparency, though, has not always translated to the timeliest of updates.

But new Xperia Z owners will surely be plenty happy with the handset regardless. It was one of the best showings at CES, a beautiful mix of design and hardware. Getting the software to the latest version of Android would be the icing on the cake.

[via Sony Mobile Blog]

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  1. If they said 2 months and didn’t have the update in time for 2 months, everybody would be mad. This is why they aren’t telling you all a time. They don’t want to deal with angry fans, or they don’t want something stupid to happen that would delay it. But I’m sure it’ll be out in 2-3 months. Or at least this is the time frame I see when they say “shortly”.

  2. Why not just launch it with 4.2. It’s been out long enough that all high end phones should be launched with it.

    1. agreed, sounds like bs from sony

      1. You guys have no idea what it takes when these manufacturers put UI’s on top of Android and how long it takes to develop a new phone. Let me enlighten you. I live in Chicago. Chicago is where Motorola is. I have a friend who is in the actual cell phone division at Motorola in a developer role and has been for years. It takes around 9 months for a phone from start to finish. I have seen development phones before they are released to the public. These guys carry these phones around and test them thoroughly on the OS they developed it on. So if you have a custom UI on top of Android, and they programmed that UI to be on top of 4.1, and they spent months testing the UI with 4.1, why in the world would they want to upgrade to 4.2 right before they launch the phone in an untested/unproven state? They have to take their time and install their UI on top of 4.2 and test it for awhile. Then it has to also get blessed by the carrier as well. So when Verizon or AT&T are darn well ready to let that version roll out, it finally rolls out. That’s why phones get upgraded to versions that are not the most current. It’s because they are probably now just starting to test 4.2 which will take a couple months and then the carrier will do their thing. So you’ll be 4-6 months out before this phone gets 4.2 and 5.0 might already be out by then. The whole point is, “What do you want them to do?” The only thing they can do is not put UI’s on their phones and have all updates go through Google or the manufacturer so that the carrier is not involved. And even at that, you’re still talking about the manufacturer still needing a couple months to implement and test. This is just the nature of the beast. I feel like starting a movement of “either you like it or you don’t and if you don’t, you can buy something else.” Go buy a Nexus if you want quick updates. I have 2 Nexus 4’s. It’s not that hard.

        1. Thank you for this post. Which many a forum can see this.

        2. I read the five lines then I scrolled… I gave up… too long
          but I got your point

        3. Thank you.

      2. Not really. The phone has probably been in development for longer than Android 4.2 has been out.

    2. 4.2 is crap. So many damn bugs. I’d much rather have a flawless 4.1.2 than some buggy “latest and greatest” software.

      1. I have 4.2 on my galaxy nexus and don’t see any bugs on it. what phone do you have and what ROM? it can be a buggy ROM.

  3. before this gets 4.2 new android 5.0 will be out. this is why i dont like sony phones even though im a crazy playstation fan

  4. Déjà vu? Sony said last year Xperia S will get ICS update soon after launch. Then release it almost 6 months after launch.

  5. I remember LG said that about the O2X and Gingerbread. It took like eight months!

  6. I’ll take that phone stand too.

  7. And the thunderbolt is going to get ICS shortly after ICS comes out and the bionic and razr will get ICS ‘early in 2012’

  8. Let’s hope Sony’s shortly after launch is much faster than Sprint’s LTE ‘In coming months’

  9. This phone is generating a lot of buzz. Sony should release it as soon as possible.

  10. *leaves towel for Chavez to clean self off after reading this article*

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