Taptalk HD leaves beta, goes on sale for $.99 today only


Everyone’s favorite forum perusal app, Tapatalk, recently came to the big screen in beta form, and now it looks like the goods are ready for stable consumption. Taptalk HD has dropped its beta tag and is now available in the Google Play Store for a small fee. You can find the app for $.99 today only, but expect the price to increase at the end of this day.

We’re not sure how much the tablet version will cost after the sale expires, but it’s safe to assume that it’ll be at least as cheap as the smartphone version which currently costs $3. Tapatalk HD makes better use of screen real estate for tablets, and brings some new features that the phone version can’t currently enjoy.

For starters, a gallery view will let you discover new forums and discussions by going through photos. It’s an easy and beautiful way to find something new to get into. Push notifications will alert you to private messages, new posts in subscribed forums and more as soon as it happens. The app got off to a decent start with a 4-star rating  on 127 reviews, so it should be a safe bet to spend the $1 they’re asking for as of the time of this writing. Give it a try and see if it becomes yet another killer app for your tablet in a sea of many.

[Google Play Store]

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  1. From the Play store description: “US$0.99 One Day Launch Price! (Full Price US$4.99)”

    1. Wow, $5 a tablet only app? Seems a bit steep. I’ll bite at 99¢, even if I can only install on my tablet.

  2. Does anyone actually use this garbage? I get so tired of hitting NO I don’t want to use Tapatalk. I have a smart phone so I can have the actual internet in my hand.

    1. I have a smartphone too. Are you saying that you really enjoy actively participating (reading and replying to posts, finding threads you’re subscribed to, etc…) via the web on a 4 inch screen? BTW… on Tapatalk I don’t see all the advertising on various forums. I’m also notified via the app when I have a new PM or if someone replied to a subscribed thread, etc…

      It’s now $2.99 instead of $0.99.

  3. Make the regular app .99 and maybe I’d consider getting it

  4. Am I tight in thinking that I shouldn’t have to pay for 2 apps to perform the same function over the same OS? Maybe I am but I won’t buy either HD or non-HD. I am not against paying for app but feel this is poor.

  5. What makes Tapatalk great (this new version and the old one) is that a lot of forums are so overloaded with ads and other useless content that they take a long time to load in a browser. $1 or even $5 is cheap and gives me fast thread loads. I’ve been using Tapatalk since the earliest Android versions. I’ll take it over bloated web pages anyday.

    1. This.
      It took me a little bit to come around, but now I wish more sites used this.
      I’m in!

  6. I get tired of hitting “no” every time I open up a forum too… maybe we should email the webmasters to stop manipulating us into using this. I installed the beta version of Tapatalk and thought it was a quite cumbersome experience.

    I would not recommend installing Tapatalk.

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