Nexus 4 handset en route to T-Mobile stores


Earlier this month we were tipped off to T-Mobile’s plan to stock the Nexus 4 in all retail stores, giving those having a hard time finding the phone in stock perhaps their best chance yet to get their hands on the latest Google Experience device. Now TMoNews has stumbled upon a shipping manifest confirming that the Nexus 4 is indeed en route to local T-Mobile outlets.

That’s the good news. The bad news? It appears most locations won’t receive a large stock to work with. The number of devices available will likely vary by store, but in this case only five Nexus 4 units are set to arrive. It is reasonable to believe that the device will sell out quickly in this instance as well.

T-Mobile customers awaiting the shipment of their online orders are also reportedly receiving shipping notification. It’s taken some time but it would seem Google and LG are finally catching up on that backlog of Nexus 4 orders.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. After trying to order this device from Google, I moved on…next.

  2. At this point dies this device matter anymore.
    I say Google needs to move on to the nexus 5 and forget the 4 and lg ever happened.

  3. I will hold out for the Galaxy S4, the price point of the N4 isn’t good enough to persuade me to own a device without a removable battery or expandable memory

  4. Moving along.

  5. I don’t know t mobile had the s3 in grey. I wish verizon did. I would have picked it over blue

    1. Verizon has white, blue, black, and brown.

  6. I think Nexus 5 or S4 would be my next phone only when and if Sprint launches LTE in bay area and norcal

  7. Got mine from a T-Mobile store December 19th. Although you do have to pay $499 for it.

  8. You know, I was actually considering leaving Verizon for the N4, but with my chances of even getting my hands on one of them, I’ll just hold my upgrade for the GS4. And this is coming from a guy that is in love with his Galaxy Nexus.

    1. I hear you, I was prepared to leave Big Red to get my hands on the N4, but getting your hands on one through the Play Store is becoming the stuff of legend. With MWC right around the corner, I might as well wait and see what surfaces in the next 2-3 months.

  9. It’s good to hear that so many people have given up on the Nexus 4. People keep noticing mine, telling me how cool it is, and asking where they can get one. It’s awkward not having a simple, satisfying reply for them. Hopefully the phone will be back in stock on the Play Store soon and, without the ridiculous demand, they’ll actually be available.

  10. If one ends up in the play store or on a shelf for the play store price in the next month I will still get it but at this point I think Google has also given up on it.

  11. I hope Google is done with LG and can manage to launch a Nexus device on schedule without a fiasco.

    1. just hoping after all this, they will have a “reason” (not that they need one) to stick with Motorola for the next Nexus.

  12. Yeah I gave up to. Galaxy Nexus owner here. Going with a Note 2

  13. They are probably barely breaking even on the costs for this phone so they arent in any hurry to lose more money..

    1. They’re losing money while breaking even…? You sir, will get a runtime error if you try to execute that logic IRL.

      1. Breaking even on the costs (materials, wages, manufacturing and other recurring indirect costs) for production… once you pay to ship, you are losing money since transportation costs are not calculated as direct manufacturing costs but rather as fixed indirect costs.

        1. Mmmm, I don’t think that was his meaning because intuition tells me that when someone says the “cost of the phone” when referring to the OEM selling it they include all costs in between the manufacturing and the final sale.

          1. May be you are in business to break even but most folks like to make money. If they were making money why wouldn’t they make crap load of Nexus 4’s? May be there is something you know know that I don’t

          2. I don’t even know how to respond to your reply.

          3. Also, here is something I think you’ll find interesting to say the least.


          4. Wll, LG is blaming Google for the stock shortage so I think we can be sure that LG is not concerned about losing money (this means it is time to stop saying LG was not making them so they wouldn’t lose money, or make more money else where).

          5. Well, LG is blaming Google for the stock shortage so I think we can be sure that LG is not concerned about losing money (this means it is time to stop saying LG was not making them so they wouldn’t lose money, or make more money else where).


  14. Saw this on display at my t-mobile store in San Jose today.

    1. Do you have T Mobile service? I am in San Jose and I am interested in T Mobile but last time I checked coverage at was terrible at my work off senter and phelan. I am wondering if 1900 Mhz made a significant upgrade to speeds

      1. SOOO much better than AT&T. I decided to switch from AT&T two-years ago when I got a “network busy” signal at 2am in downtown San Jose on a Wednesday!

        Check out this link to see how the t-mobile coverage is for your home, work, etc. I forget who, but at least a few years ago t-mobile coverage map was provided by a third party – and may still be.

        Most important you can test drive t-mobile with the SIM only plans for a month:

        (Note: not positive this is month-to-month or a contract. But if it is a contract, just make sure the sales guy points out in writing in the contract where it says that you can cancel the contract in either 15- or 30-days if the service is crap in your home/work. All the contracts have that clause)

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