Sighting in video fans the Android 4.2.2 flames


The next update to Android Jelly Bean is no doubt in the works, but it may already be in the wild. That’s what a video from Czech site SmartMania.cz suggests. During a video overview of the Nexus 4, a look at the “About phone” section of the Settings menu (seen at 6:30 in the clip) quite clearly shows Android 4.2.2 as the software version.

The brief spotting is glossed over, the rest of the video serving only to highlight elements of the Android 4.2 OS that we are already familiar with. This either suggests that somehow the Android version shown in the clip is off or inaccurate, or that Android 4.2.2 will be a quite small update bringing along the sort of behind-the-scenes tweaks and fixes that there isn’t much fuss to be made about.

If the latter is true, it would seem Google has already started pushing the update (or it’s shipping out of the box for newer hardware). We await confirmation either way.

[via Engadget]

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  1. The video doesn’t discuss anything specific, it’s just a basic review. (The phone is not yet available in countries that can’t buy devices in the Play Store, so it is actually a review of a “new” phone for our market – on the other hand, everybody already knows it well from foreign websites and reviews).
    To sum it up, the people that shot the video didn’t even notice that having Android 4.2.2 is something extraordinary, they just mentioned that “it is running the latest version of Android 4.2.2”, without realizing that this version was not released yet :)
    In the beginning of the video, they said that the unit they are reviewing is a testing unit from the Czech LG office, so that would explain the unreleased version of Android. (They also said that this unit did not have Gorilla Glass and that there were already some scratches visible, but that the standard production units will have it of course).

  2. I’m looking forward to an update, but only if Google starts fixing things they’ve broken in 4.2, or at least stop breaking stuff that’s still working.

  3. Guys, any word on when the N4 might be available again through the Play Store?

    1. Rumor is Google is dropping it completely. I’d be willing to bet we’ll know for sure at or right after the mobile world congress event. My guess is they will announce the Moto Nexus X for an earlier release then expected. Maybe June 2013.

      1. Really? Do you remember where you heard that rumor?

        1. There have been several articles about supply line issues with LG in the last few months. There is also a few forums where people have talked about calling in to get a status update on their order and Google refunding their purchase stating the item may be discontinued. Like I said it’s all rumor but the reality of the situation makes it seem highly likely. LG was a terrible partner choice to begin with.

          1. Well, that sucks if it turns out to be true.

          2. It doesn’t suck for me. I was lucky enough to find one at a T-Mobile store. This news would make my N4 very valuable.

          3. I hope it does work out that way for you… But I will say I wouldn’t pay more than the Google price for the N4. To me, the lack of supply does not translate into a must have device, at least not in this case.

          4. but you paid more than what could’ve been if you got it from the Play Store. :/

          5. True, and I had to sign a contract. But I am immediately available for an upgrade.

      2. So I’ve been waiting for the device since November (actually since October, when the rumors started to look real) and now that it is a few weeks before it is supposed to get released to the market in my country, they cancel it and say that the next one will be available in June, which translates to approximately September till it gets to my country. That comes very close to a year, which is not a period I wish to wait for a phone.

        Well played, Google…
        Lame :/

        1. There is no chance they are getting rid of it that quickly. LG has acknowledged that they are still producing it as well. In fact, they are supposedly ramping up additional production in a facility in Brazil.

  4. Version 4.2.2?!?! I’m still hoping for 4.2 to finally get to my Galaxy Nexus. Right now we are stuck at 4.1.1. This would make us 4 updates behind! You suck Verizon!!! Seriously contemplating a root and rom adventure.

    1. 4.2 is being released for the Galaxy Nexus. They just uploaded an ODIN of Sprints version today from XDA. it is a legit copy and quite snappy. All stock .. so they should be pushing that out soon.

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