Jan 14th, 2013

It appears Samsung and Verizon are teaming up on yet another mid-range device as a new handset has hit the results database of GL Benchmark. It’s being called the “Godiva,” and its model number is SCH-i425. That model number suggests this is another entry into the Stratosphere lineup as the previous devices were the SCH-i405 and SCH-i415.

Should that be the case, we could be looking at another QWERTY device, and while that sort of form factor is a bit taboo in this day and age Verizon and Samsung probably feel that there’s still a market for a full physical keyboard. Most users get along quite fine with touch-screen keyboards, but if you can avoid alienating that stubborn group of folks who just can’t give up tactile feedback then you should.

The Samsung Stratosphere line has never introduced cutting edge hardware for the time of each installment, but the devices still tend to provide very nice performance at some very nice prices. We would be surprised if this thing had anything less than a dual-core chipset (early murmurs are saying 1.4GHz with Adreno 305) with 1GB of RAM, LTE and a 4.3 inch display and HD resolution, but for now it’s just a guessing game as the GLBenchmark result doesn’t provide much in the way of specs.

More substantial evidence in the future should paint a more clear picture than the one we have now. As for when to expect the device, we most likely will have to wait until Q2 for a release, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 might be enticing us with an irresistible package by the time that rolls around. What do you think we’ll be seeing out of this bad boy?

[via PhoneArena]