Archos GamePad coming to the United States February 2013


Our friends in Europe have been enjoying the Archos GamePad since December, but Archos wasn’t interested in letting us US folks in on the fun at the same time. Heck, the company didn’t even give a peep as to when we might be seeing the gaming tablet in the United States at CES. We knew it’d be Q1, but had no clue which month to expect it.

Thankfully, an Archos rep at CES confirmed the release window for the device here in the States. We shouldn’t be going past February without seeing this device hit retailers, he says, and the price should be around $170. For that price, you’ll be getting a 7 inch 1024×600 display flanked by your standard affair of game controls. These controls can be mapped using an app that will come pre-installed on the device.

Internal specs include a 1.6GHz dual-core processor with a quad-core GPU, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It should be powerful enough to run most games without any issues, but we won’t know until we try it out with games not totally optimized for Archos’ hardware.

Some users might be more inclined to go with a standalone tablet and pair it with a Bluetooth game controller for the sake of flexibility, but this is a nice, inexpensive package for anyone looking for little more than something to get their game on with. We’ll be looking to get a more refined date from Archos as we get closer to February.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Why does the image say 1080p if the resolution is 1024×600?

    1. camera? if not the camera IDK but certainly misleading advertising at the LEAST

      1. Front camera

    2. I was wondering the same thing o_O

    3. Cuz Archos fails without playing with advertising… lol

    4. 1080p video-playing, not resolution.

  2. All this info means .I. if it doesn’t have expandable storage.

    1. Word up.

    2. Flash Memory: 8GB* + microSD Slot (SDHC compatible up to 32GB)

      1. this = win… microSD cards are becoming the HDD and SSD’s of the mobile world. stop with the built in memory and give us expandable options, if i want 64Gigs on my phone don’t charge me $100 more than the 32 gb just put a SD card slot and i’ll find my own 64gig card

        1. Internal Flash is still way faster than the MicroSD though. I rather have a decent size of flash storage with a microsd expansion.

  3. I can’t trust archos. It’s probably have some lame ass processor, like Umi Max King. You can buy a tegra 3 for 12 bucks!

  4. Funny how the flyer says it will feature 7″ 1080p HD display while the article points out 1024×600 is the real resolution. Stupid Archos.. lol

  5. Put a quad core Cortex 2+ Ghz A15, Mali T628/Mali T678 and an HD screen on that badboy – and then we’re talking (for gen 2.0, obviously).

  6. This has a RK3066 cpu and I have yet to see any RK3066 based tablet let you install apps or games to the micro SD card. I think its gonna be like most new Android devices… no installing apps or games to the sd card. Aka = stupid. And the hdmi out might be 1080p to your TV.

  7. This thing isn’t worth $170

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