All T-Mobile stores stocking up on Nexus 4’s before the end of the month


If you’re a T-Mobile customer trying your best to pick up a Nexus 4 to no avail, good news is coming your way. Looks LG has finally ramped up production of the elusive device, with T-Mobile retail locations expecting an influx of Nexus 4’s to arrive at some point before the end of the month. This time around, it wont be just a few select locations stocking Nexus 4’s on their shelves; all retails locations will finally be able to offer the Nexus 4 at a discounted $200 with a 2-year agreement. Seems only logical to assume that, with all T-Mobile retail locations stocked up on the device, the Play Store will more than likely get some love as well. This is great for those fearing long term commitments.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. by the time the 4 becomes readily available it will be worth waiting a few extra weeks (lol) for 5 to roll in

    1. Oh, right the Motorola X phone. Any new news on that? I haven’t heard anything since the last article on here.

      I wonder if it will beat the Nexus 4 price. I will poop my pants if it does.

  2. Kinda over it now…

    1. I got mine on Monday, and I’m so in love with it! And when Key Lime Pie comes out, I’m going to feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t own a Nexus.

      1. That’s sweet. I want one but, if they keep up with this scarcity i will have to jump ship. I am trying to get off this phone and give Android one more shot. My 3 year experience was marred by the usual android issues x2.

        1. The N4 really isn’t all that great. Washed out screen, poor battery life, average camera, constant buzzing noise from the earphone. The only thing it really has going for it is vanilla Android – and that wasn’t enough to sway me when I was doing a head to head comparison with my GS3. I sent the N4 back and I don’t regret it one bit.

  3. This does me so much good now that I’e had it over a month;

  4. What about at&t?

    1. If you want it for AT&T then you buy it from the playstore. T-Mobile us selling it because it is compatible with its HSPA+42 Network.

      1. If you live in the city, you’d be a fool to go with ATT over T-Mobile. I get an average of 12mbps in Denver.

  5. It seems that the last few outstanding back orders are being cleared up for the guys on the UK thread over at XDA. Around 30 members [25 being 1st post new members] reported a change in Play Store status last night. The 16 gig model went on sale the 2nd time from Dec 4 and was eventually moved to ‘Sold Out’ status on the 13th, a period of 9 days compared to 30 MINUTES for the 1st launch.

    Obviously XDA members don’t cover all the nexus 4 orders but the thread has been a good indicator when trying to work out supply/demand status of the phone when coming into stock at the Play Store. Since the last batch of shipments went out – in time for Xmas delivery, the thread has reduced to just a trickle of posts – of those 30 posts yesterday only 13 members are waiting on orders from 7th – 13th Dec possibly suggesting that the bulk of enthusiasts ordering has peeked [I have been trying to keep an eye on the numbers to work out if the feeding frenzy had finished in time for me to place my order].

    The last round of status changes on the 18-20th Dec was for over a 100 members !

    I’m hoping that the phone will go on sale again within the next week !

  6. Google REALLY messed up the entire Nexus 4 launch. How is it possible to not have their flagship products in stock? I honestly will not get near an LG device no matter if its Nexus or not. I shall wait patiently for Moto and Google to release info on their upcoming “X” phone.

    1. Maybe they were trying to do something similar to what Apple does. EVERY time an Apple device is release “Duh we ran out of stock because everyone on the planet wants one and even though you dont want one, youre going to have to wait until we have more in stock. Duurrrrhurrrr.”


    2. It’s a great device man, I never thought I’d get an LG either but I’m very pleasantly surprised.

  7. I had ordered mine on Dec 5 and just got it yesterday. I am loving it and now it appears I am going to be buying another one for my wife.

  8. Is it really going to be $200 with a 2-year contract? That doesn’t seem like much of a discount on a $349 phone. The value plans are about $20 less than classic plans that include a device so that works out to a $480 difference over two years. This phone should really be free on contract.

    1. Yeah, it’s not much of a discount but that is, in fact, the price. Some people who are happy with T-Mobile will gladly take a $100 discounted handset for another 2 years.

    2. It’s actually a $500 retail price phone, Google is discounting it to $350 off-contract, and T-Mobile is discounting it to $200 on-contract

  9. Sprint please pick this up :-(… I know it will never happen and the Optimus G has like no development support

  10. I’ve been out of contract with Verizon for 2.5 years now and my Samsung Fascinate is barely limping along. I can’t wait to by the Nexus 4 off contract and move over to T-Mobile eeeeekkkkk!

  11. Only a $100 discount to be locked in for 2 years? Lol, only a fool would do such a thing.

    1. people say that as if they move around all the time. How many times have you changed carriers over the past 10 years?

      1. At least 10. Granted, sometimes I was flipping between the same carriers but it was in my best interest.

        1. well then its definitely worth it for you. The vast majority of the people i know, have been with the same carrier for at least the past 7 years. I only know 2 people who have actually switched carriers (one from tmobile to sprint for iphone, and other from sprint to tmobile for nexus). So im just saying, most people dont really find a contract all that crazy.

          1. I would advise you to advise them to look into not having acontract and why it is better.

            This is crazy and you might not believe this. But I was linked back to your comment reply from an article I was reading about T-Mobile changing their plans so that you have to buy a phone outright and the only plan they have is an unlimited service plan.

            A good read:

            That is crazy that I came directly from there to this comment. Lol!

  12. I wanted the Nexus 4 so bad, but sadly in my part of MD, Tmobile and AT&T HSPA network does not work. Just horrible 3g service, so not worth it, especially since I do love my S3 and LTE will be in my area in about a month.

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