Huawei to reclaim world’s thinnest smartphone status with Ascend P1 S followup


There were plenty of companies parading around super slim handsets at CES, including Alcatel, whose One Touch Idol Ultra was declared the thinnest smartphone in the world. The Ultra Idol measures in at 6.45mm, but Huawei’s Richard Yu is promising we will see an even thinner device at Mobile World Congress.

Naturally, the phone will be the followup to last year’s Huawei Ascend P1 S, the phone that once held the title of world’s thinnest. What might logically be dubbed the Huaweid Ascend P2 S looks to reclaim the crown.

Yu also says to expect an octa-core processor in the near future. We’d act surprised, but after Huawei dropped their own in-house quad-core chip at last year’s MWV, nothing is out of the question. Will the eight core technology be married to the ultra-thin Ascend P1 followup? That’s left for speculation.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I’m tired of the anorexic phones. Give us better battery life and fast updates.

    1. don’t worry.. this tired anorexiAzn phone will probably be stuck in China. meanwhile the clowns over at Apple will try to mimic the design and label as their own.

    2. agreed, stop this madness and give us some phones that’s designed with practicality in mind!

  2. Who cares being world’s thinnest if the hardware and software does not live up to the hype?

    1. the correct response should be “nobody gives a f—“

  3. someone needs to tell them that thin is measured at the thickest point, not the thinnest point or average thinness, etc… it’s how much space the thing can fit thru, camera bump and all.

    1. I totally agree. I’ve never understood how they’ve gotten away with that.

  4. There are some interesting articles out right now observing some of the Chinese phone makers trying to buy their way into the American market.
    Keep trying. Competition drives innovation.
    (not patent law)

  5. Got my hand on a HTC One S recently. It’s thinner than my current Samsung Vibrant. After handling the One S for a few days, I can see that thinness is overated. It’s only good for boasting. In real life, it’s harder to hold and handle a thin and light phone. Phone manufacturer should listen to the customer and bulk up the phone with extra battery juice.

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