Groupon Merchants update brings mobile credit card transactions to Android


With entities like Square and Paypal taking over the mobile payments scene it’s hard for new competitors to break in, but Groupon is looking to improve its chances by bringing Groupon Payments to its Groupon Merchants app for Android. The service allows merchants to accept credit card payments in an easy and secure fashion through the use of a 3.5mm-based card swiper.

The service can be activated within a matter of minutes via your Android device, and aside from the big feature discussed above users can also look forward to improved analytic data, namely the ability to view live transaction history, check daily sales reports, track deposits to external bank accounts and analyze revenue trends.

Groupon Merchants users are subject to a charge of 15 cents plus 1.8% (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) or 3% (American Express) of the bill for each transaction made, standard rates for a service like this. You’ll be paying for the convenience of being able to accept payments with a mobile device, something that’s oft-desired for many different types of businesses (food truck owners, rejoice!).

Of course, as we mentioned before, Square and PayPal offer competitive rates and advantages of their own so if you haven’t already settled on a service then these three are worth putting head to head in order to carefully scrutinize the advantages and disadvantages of each. Head here for more information on Groupon Merchants and see if it’s right for you and your needs. Read on for full press details.

Groupon Releases Updated Groupon Merchants App for Android, v2.2, with Groupon Payments

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) announced the release of the newest version of the Groupon Merchants app for Android (v2.2), which incorporates Groupon Payments into the platform, offering merchants a better way to accept credit cards at the guaranteed lowest overall rates. Groupon merchants with Android devices who sign up for Groupon Payments will enjoy a fast, intuitive experience capable of fulfilling their everyday credit card processing needs.

Groupon merchants with Android devices may now enjoy the following benefits:
•Hassle-Free Enrollment – Activate the service within minutes
•Comprehensive Features – Use the Groupon Merchants app to enter bill totals, add tips, apply taxes, process refunds and email customer receipts
•Dependable Service – Backed 7-days-a-week by a dedicated Groupon Payments support team reachable by phone and email
•Security – Encrypted credit card information keeps customer data safe
•Analytics – Payments information is seamlessly available through the online Payments Center where merchants can view live transaction history, check daily sales reports, track deposits to their bank account and analyze revenue trends
•ROI Tracking – Groupon Merchants can scan and redeem customer Groupons and monitor tips and additional spending to track the success of their deal

“We’re thrilled to bring the powerful features of the Groupon Merchants app and the cost savings and convenience of Groupon Payments to more merchants with smart phones,” said Gene Alston, General Manager of Groupon Payments. “This app is an effective tool for merchants looking to process payments and track customer growth.”

Merchants interested in learning more about Groupon Payments can visit or call (888) 961-1511 to speak with a representative. The Groupon Merchants app is available for download in the Google Play Shop. Merchants with iPhones can download the Groupon Merchants app in the iPhone App Store.

The guarantee of lowest possible rates is only available to Groupon merchants located in the United States. Merchants must provide proof of current third-party rates for identical services. Participation is subject to the terms of the Groupon Payments Merchant User Agreement, which may modify or discontinue the guarantee and the underlying services at any time. The guarantee is void where prohibited by law.

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