Sony Xperia Z leaked again: Video stills show off water resistance and sexy skeletal frame structure


Ahhhh… The Sony Xperia Z. The equivalent of a smartphone Megan Fox for a smartphone whore like myself, I’ve been itching to get my hands on her -erm, it for weeks now. We’ve gotten a few good looks at the Xperia Z in a few recent leaks, but this time we’re learning of a few added features Sony will be advertising with the device (mostly marketing speak, but fun none-the-less), shown off in a few stills from an upcoming promo video.

The Sony Xperia Z’s latest trick? Water resistance. That’s right, you can drool, splash, or spill whatever liquid you’d like onto the Z — she’ll take it like a champ and come back for more. When it comes to the 13MP Exmor RS camera, turns out it will be capable of both HDR in either photo or video mode, something that should make bathroom for more interesting bathroom selfies. I’ve been waiting for an Android OEM to pick up where HTC left off, focusing on great camera hardware equal (or better) to that of the iPhone’s.

We also get another clear look at the rear of the device, showing a sexy, all glass battery cover. That would naturally lead you to assume the device would be prone to breakage ala the Nexus 4 (a phone now synonymous with fragility), but Sony promises the new “skeletal frame structure” of the Z will keep everything safe and sound. We’ll have to see.

Couple these latest features with what we already know from the device — 1080p full HD display, quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB RAM — and the Sony Xperia Z is shaping up to be the smartphone of the year. Well, at least for now. More pics at the source link below. What do you guys think so far?

[via XperiaBlog | ePrice]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. If Samsung can’t better this (because I highly doubt HTC will) and this comes with the option to unlock the bootloader, I’ve found my next upgrade!!

    1. Sony is REALLY good to the Android developer community :)

      1. So I’ve heard! Wasn’t a Sony device added to AOSP recently? Just the thought of that gives me hope ^_^

        1. It was! But later removed. Still.. there’s hope :)

    2. HTC is already waterproof with Droid Dna,or Butterfly for Europe,5 inch super lcd3,and in my opinion is better and sexy-er than this one…not even samsung can reach this,and is on the market from 2012…they have to try harder to beat the HTC

    3. same. s4 has to be amazing…lots of android competition

  2. Want. Want. Want. Want.

    1. No. NEED. NEED BADLY.

  3. No Sony phones for me…

    Sorry Sony, but I just can’t trust a phone that isn’t from one of the big three (Samsung, Motorola, HTC). These three manufacturers already get very little support on many of their devices (including flagships) so it’s hard for me to believe I could receive support from a Sony device…

    1. Then you might be happy to know that sony is number 3 in smartphones. And therefore currently number 2 in android. Sony is also quite well maintained by developers.

      Number 3: http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/sony-climbs-into-smartphone-top-three-behind-samsung-and-apple-1115402

      Community support:

  4. Absolutely praying that this, by some extremely slim chance, comes to Verizon. If so I’ll be selling my GS3, for hopefully around $400 used, and nabbing this sexy beast of a phone.

    1. LOL! Good luck with that never happening.

      1. Lol ikr

  5. At&t better carry this! >_<

    1. I’m sure they will.

    2. Prob will, or atleast a varient of it. Only Att gets the Sony devices in the US for some reason. Hell, they even got the PS Vita lol

      1. Haha that’s true Lol If they don’t carry this phone, I’ll be devastated D: Haha

  6. +1 for porn references

    1. Porn ? Where ? :)

    2. I wish Megan Fox was a pornstar :)

      1. There are so many hotter actresses out there. I don’t get it!

        1. Hell hotter porn stars….

        2. Maybe so, but she has mad sex appeal. There are hotter pornstars actually though, I do agree.

    3. You guys have dirty minds.. Shame on you. :p

  7. Sony makes some of the sexiest hardware around. If they really do support devs and this comes with T-Mobile radios at a price point sub $400; I’ll buy it.

    Nevermind: Looking at about $655 :'( I’ll stick with the Nexus 4…

    1. Sub $400 haaaa. This isnt UmbrellaCorp Google making this

  8. It’s so beautiful… ;__;…. Wonder if they will have different colors for the back.. Beautiful none the less :D

    1. Something a friend pointed out about the back.. no speaker :O

      1. It’s true. Not a conventional phone! Nonetheless I appreciated them putting two speakers on the front so you can enjoy a good movie experience.

  9. I’m trapped with my note 2, I can appreciate other smartphones, I still remember the amazing quality of my Sony with xenon flash, but my next phone will probably be a Note 3, I’m a SSheep lol

    1. Sounds like you’ve been Samsung’d. Lol

      While I appreciated my Note 2, it was impossible to wield with one hand and I constantly dropped it (even got a nice scuff on the corner).

      Ended up going back to my S3. :/

      1. You know what they say about guys who can’t wield a Note 2 with one hand?

        1. they switch back to their s3?

  10. I think all phones are “water resistant”. I want to see this one be “water resistant” with that nano spray on it where I can snap a few underwater pics and take it back out without damage

  11. Good luck on getting any dev support if it’s on a us carrier. Att, Verizon, and tmo will lock down the bootloader so sprint may be the only real choice but they rarely see a Sony device.

    1. Yeah, US carriers love doing that. But then again, not too many people care about rooting their device or dev support in the first place :/

  12. Bet the battery is 2200 or under..

    1. Ur a moron, they will include a 5,000 mAh battery

      1. Dream on.

  13. Never would buy- Sonys software is garbage

  14. Ummmm….no flash?

    1. Yes there is flash. mirror finish conceals it

  15. Battery battery battery

  16. I’m too sexy for my shirt
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  17. If this is running a mostly stock skin of Android and runs on at&t’s LTE network, I’ll be solddddddd.

    1. Sony’s current skin definitely isn’t stock or “Holo UI” looking. If you want light and mostly stock only OEM’s to go with are Motorola and LG.

  18. Galaxy SIII QuadCore owner. TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  19. I would almost get this for the camera alone.
    Nice piece.

  20. This was 5in device right?

    1. Correct. Hard to tell but I think the ZL might have a smaller display going off the promo images showing it with a much smaller bezel.

  21. Run stock software and Verizon 4g network and i will send Sony my money yesterday.

  22. Hope it comes to u.s. carriers with an unlocked bootloader.


  24. Commenting on Sony’s camera tech, Chris Chavez says he’s excited about an OEM “focusing on great hardware equal to (or greater) to that of the iPhone’s..”
    Sony actually designed and manufactures the Exmor sensor in iPhones, which are a grade lower than the Exmor sensors used in Sony’s own phones. In other words, Sony keeps its best stuff to itself. Even last year (as well as this year), Sony phones had 13 MP cameras. Hope to see further posts with updated specs, Chris. I agree–this phone is looking to be the smartphone of the year. Google’s UI is on par with Apple’s, while its proprietary software, like GoogleMaps, is far superior. Teamed up with awesome hardware specs–like the 13 MP sensor that make the phone rival top digital cameras–and it seems like all this phone needs is some decent marketing.

    1. the only problem is that even tho sony may use a better sensor for itself, the compression ratio was too great and resulted in subpar pictures for xperia phones in 2011 and 2012.

      Not only that, apple does a lot of fine tuning itself for it’s cameras, and because the camera is the same for each generation of iphone, many apps can adjust shutter speed and other manual controls. That’s a pretty big advantage for the iphone, and something that android phone manufacturers do not seem to care about. All they do is stuff more megapixels into their phones.

      i hope sony proves me wrong, but i see apple staying up top for mobile cameras (nokia has better image quality, but the market is too small for windows phones to be a significant threat)

  25. Cool, next nexus could be made by Sony.

  26. Chris, speaking as someone whose used both a Nexus and a Sony as daily phones, I much prefer Sonys UI. It’s cleaner then Samsung and Motorola’s, and once the Ion is on JB, it’s as fast as their phones

  27. The phone sounds great but eh, I will wait for a more attractive one. Hopefully the GS4 will deliver on that front.

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