Upcoming Google TV hardware teased, ASUS confirmed as partner


On a post to the official Google TV blog today, Google has teased us with a list of vendors we can expect to see debuting new hardware at next week’s CES show. Among the bunch us none other than ASUS, the Nexus 7 maker that has been linked to the thumb-sized Qube, itself suggested as a potential candidate to earn its own Nexus status (and replace the ill-fated Nexus Q).

Also tapped to present new Google TV gear are Hisense, TCL. Along with ASUS, their hardware is said to be “launching in the coming weeks.” On top of those companies, existing partners including LG, Vizio, and Sony will debut new set-top boxes and televisions featuring the platform.

A few new apps will also find their way to Google TV, including Amazon, SiriusXM, and more. Check out the official blog linked below for more details.

[via Google TV Blog]

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  1. I hope this has a proper Hulu app, that would be nice.

    1. People still use Hulu Plus?

      1. I don’t, my wife does though

  2. Uhm… Forget the devices, I want one of those models! (pun intended)

  3. How could they fit hardware worth 2 cents into a thumb sized drive? Sounds like a second rate flop already.

    1. easily. ever open up you phone and see how much room the SoC takes. not much at all. 90% of whats in your phone is not graphics, cpu, ram, and flash memory. its radios, proximity sensors, batteries, alot of empty green real estate. screens aside, the most powerful phones dont need to be “bigger” to be faster. if they made a stick 3″ ling by 1.5″ wide that got all of its juice via USB i think it could be more than capable put a tegra 4 plus 1 chip in there, a 16BG class 10 sd card (or give us a big chunk of cloud storage for free for apps and content) and i wifi radio and we are rockin’

  4. Yaya!

  5. im looking to cut the cord come august when i move into a new apartment that does not include free cable with my rent, and charter is 89.99 a month so screw that. i’m looking for a good way to stream media other than my xbox…. I hate using an xbox romote with the qwerty attachment, way to clunky, and i also dont like to pay for xbox live in addition to other services like netflix… i really dont game that much.

    The Problem is nothing out there offered more than my xbox does. i need: Amazon, Hulu, web browsing, Netflix, HBO GO, a digital tv tuner, and access to download content from the TV/Movies section of Play would be needed as well (and flash support wouldnt hurt either). it should look good under my tv and have a FAST UI, Im not trying to fight with my TV like i did my HTC Hero. nothing out there has ALL of the above…..everything is missing something, weather its the co-star, the review, boxee, roku, tivo…. everything is missing one major feature.

    Also, its going to need to cost less than $199.99 (and thats the high end, if it has ALL of the above features.) hopefully they can put out something that will do all that i need, and once it takes off im sure we will see a bunch of great content pop of for google TV (assuming google gives me what i want before another company) I would even buy an apple TV if it did all of the above (but with iTunes access[even though i hate the DRM]). id rather give my money to Apple than Charter.

    1. Google TV has the biggest potential to do all that by just letting people create apps for the functionality, but it feels like they’ve been dragging their feet forever.

      I’m using TiVo Premieres in my house right now (multiple rooms) and it gives me everything I want (Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora) except for placeshifting (though all the rooms share content easily); the “TiVo stream” (basically like slingbox) isn’t out for Android yet, but soon hopefully to solve my last missing piece, except for web-browser.

      Not even sure I care about web-browser on my TV anymore though… I have that on the PS3 if I ever needed it, but a tablet covers that niche better anyway.

      1. i agree on the potential thing. they already have all of what i need available on android, just needs to be gtv compatible. basically take google tv, give me a fast device, and amazon hulu and HBO go, make it 149.99 so i can afford a tv tuner and we are set. hopefully we will see it in the coming weeks…

    2. PS3 does.

    3. a pc.

      1. right, but building something capable of streaming HD content via HDMI wont be cheap. a board/cpu or even a graphics card with HDMI out will be 150 by itself, not to mention ram, a good looking case to fit a mATX board and a power supply. im looking at about $300 to do that. Alsoi dont want have to mess around with XMBC…i want something that “just works” right out of the box, and is made to work with my TV

  6. Bring amazon at least, please…

  7. ASUS’ hardware is sketchy.

    1. two bad mother boards in a row. gave them a second chance with my n7 the build quality is $#!+ will never again buy from them.

      1. I know it! I bought an eleven-hundred dollar Zenbook prime from them and the quality control is crap. They innovate quite a bit, but because of their hardware problems, I’m never buying an Asus product again…

        1. Exactly their products seem appealing until you get it home

          1. I’ve yet to have *many* issues with my G73JW. I did have a BSOD consistently popping up, but that was also because I dropped said 13lb laptop from my lap… made the video cable come loose.

            Aside from that, I have no complaints for it, other than it aging from 2 years ago.

  8. ill pass! Google please stop partnering with Asus. i like the thought of this but Asus sucks at quality control.

  9. The best solution is still a cheap PC connected directly to your TV with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

  10. I’m in! I have the first gen models as well as the sony second gen model. All of them leave a lot to be desired. Hopefully with this new hardware comes a new version.

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