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Folks in the SwiftKey Flow beta will want to check their emails as chances are you’ll find a nice email letting you know a new beta version is available. Nothing groundbreaking or exciting will be found here, but the barrel of bug fixes and improvements will be sure to make any beta user happy. The list of what’s changed is rather long so let’s jump right into it:

  • Flow-through-space autocommit: if you flow-through space but mess up your last word, all the prior words will be inserted (instead of losing all the words)
  • Flow in landscape on tablets (not on split layout with numpad)
  • Battery usage improved (when flowing and when not in use)
  • Performance of flowing and tapping improved
  • Longpress of bottom-right (smiley/enter) button now works
  • Fixed some force close issues
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Predictions not lost when changing keyboard layout (e.g to symbols)
  • Fixed DOuble CApitalization issue

Of course, this is still a beta and there are still some glaring issues. The folks at SwiftKey have already identified some issues that are still being worked on, including the personalization service continuing to run when not in use, a lingering flow trail at the end of words, enlarged prediction text on LDPI devices and more. You can find the full list over at SwiftKey’s site if you’re curious to know what else might not be working right just yet.

And remember: if you download a beta, well, you’re a beta tester. If you notice something that’s not already on the known issues list then leave some feedback. If everyone does their part then it’s easier on the developers, which means we get a stable version faster, and in turn means everyone can ride off into the sunset as happily as the happiest man ever could. Grab your download here for smartphones, and here if you want to install it on your tablet).

[via SwiftKey]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Quentyn, how do you feel about Swiftkey on your Note 2? I had it on all my previous devices, but now I’m in love with the Stock keyboard on mine… the integrated “Flow” (read: Swype) makes it for me.

    1. Layman76, I still prefer Swiftkey on my Note 2. I used to have a Droid X. I just hope they come up with an update to access the S PEN from the Swiftkey keyboard soon. I know a lot of people that use Swiftkey with their Note 2’s are waiting for it.

      1. Yeah, I’d definitely switch then. I just like the S Pen integration that stock keyboard already has. If it had Facebook/Twitter/Gmail personalization, then I’d be completely content with it.

  2. Meh…

    Got tired of re-installing it every time I flashed a new ROM. The 4.2 keyboard is “good enough”

    Sorry, Swiftkey….”I paid for it” just isn’t enough of a reason anymore.

    1. I agree, the stock one is brilliant!

    2. Plus the stock android keyboard has trace (read: swipe-able) capability.

      1. Hence why it’s “good enough”…

        it wasn’t until we could swipe with it. ;-)

        hell, I can swipe even when it doesn’t offer predictions (forms?) unlike swiftkey and swype, which both seem to disable the swipe-abilities on certain fields.

  3. Swiftkey’s prediction is the best so far. Being able to go back and tap on incorrect words to get alternate suggestions to fix the error is beyond great! (Plus, I like Swiftkey’s punctuation integration better.)

  4. I really wish I could give this a try but I have no idea how to get the beta version. I even signed up as a VIP on their site, no dice.

  5. “Fixed DOuble CApitalization issue”

    Nice one. xD

  6. I didn’t notice any changes. Swyping in browser still doesn’t work and often doesn’t give me prediction options either on my Galaxy Note. Back to the real Swype.

  7. the thing I don’t like about ‘flow’ is that I lose the ability to swipe left to delete a word…

    1. Yeah, but I can deal with holding down the delete key to remove whole words at a time…

  8. I find for me that it is not that accurate. I think I prefer the original SwiftKey. I think I will try it a little bit more. My initial impression is not that impressed. Maybe it will grow on me :-)

  9. Thanks for the link sfafa. Using it now and I like it. It’s like SwiftKey with the option to flow. You can still use it the same way as normal SwiftKey.

  10. Samsungs 4.1.2 keyboard is the best I ever used. Punctuation, number row, swipe. It works in browser and actually inserts spaces, accurate, and plays well with all the Samsung stuff. Previous ones lacked in feature, but 4.1.2 is pretty perfect.

  11. I stopped using swiftkey when the stock keyboard came with swype.

  12. Flow beta version 2 still sucks. I really want to like it. But it’s no where near what my swype beta can do.

  13. has a lot of potential to be great but it still needs work.

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