Google Now says a giraffe’s tablet of choice is now the iPad [VIDEO]


Okay, everyone stop what you’re doing. Forget Exynos bugs or glitterless Nexus 4’s, this is something that Google needs to address immediately. If you’re one of the lucky few with a device running Android 4.1/2 Jelly Bean, you probably haven’t even noticed but doing a quick Google Now/voice search for “what is a giraffe” will give you all the information you need on the Giraffa camelopardalis, including the animal’s tablet of choice: the iPad. (Drops coffee mug). I know, I know. This needs to end… NOW.

Apparently this has less to do with Android and more to do with Google speech-to-text engine which is confusing all sorts of phrases ending with “with,” into adding “he now praises the iPad.” While we can’t be sure if this is an inside job — possibly an attack by Apple — but I wouldn’t put it past them. So, if you’re an Android fanboy with little ones, you now have one more query to keep your kids from searching (in addition to blue muffins or whatever that is).

Thanks, everyone who sent this in!

[Google Bug Tracker]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. This must be fixed immediately…

  2. try “larry page hit his head so hard with” its a good one !

      1. whad? :o

        1. “Larry Page hit his head so hard, he now praises the iPad.”

          1. “Apparently this has less to do with Android and more to do with Google speech-to-text engine.”
            I think you meant text-to-speech (which, btw, isn’t used by Google Now).

    1. Good one!

    2. roflmao….

    3. This one isn’t working for me. It understands it, but isn’t answering me

  3. I don’t ROFL much…but I am now.

  4. You should play the english side of this google translate example. It’s frikin hilarious

    1. Blank translation…

    2. oh my gosh..

  5. what the heck is going on over there at google? lol

  6. This is exactly why camels (and JulieHuang) get kicked in the junk. They have no clout.

  7. Time to re-program/summon the almighty BENDER!

  8. We’ve been infiltrated!

  9. the owner of phandroid…uses a MacBook :(

    1. It’s just a desktop operating system. What do you suggest I use? :/

      Oh, and I’m not the owner of Phandroid :p

      1. Not yet you’re not, not with that kind of attitude. Use Chromebook

        Bahahaha I’m just kidding don’t use chromebook its just google chrome manifested into a laptop

        1. Not even Google uses Chromebooks :p

  10. lol now it just ends with an abrupt ‘-ad” if you use translate

    1. Mine still does the same thing as the video.

  11. I believe it’s blue waffles lol

    1. Let us not go there…

    2. My friends tried to get me to see that. My phone loaded a page saying it was a trap. LoL!!

  12. lmfaoo. i tried that on my S3. omg SO FUNNY

  13. I doubt it was an Apple attack, but I bet someone just got fired.

  14. Did you say: “You shut your mouth!” at the end of the video?

  15. Y’all say glitch, I say funny as hell easter egg.

  16. I think I might have an answer.

    Recently, the term ‘giraffe’ refers to the category of telepresence robots…basically a mobile (motorized/wheeled) teleconferencing device that can act as your remote stand-in for meetings or while you are out of the office.

    Typically, sitting atop such a robot is…an iPad. Back in 2007, a company called HeadThere began promoting their version under the (trademarked) name Giraffe. And its since become a popular, generic term for these gizmos.

    Can’t say for sure if this connection explains what happened here, but it does tie all the elements together.

    1. Um… Not to be mean, but did you watch the video? It also happened with other stuff as well. The “Giraffe” is not alone in this. LoL!!

  17. I have tried several names, some relevant to Google, others not (Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant, etc) and they all do the same thing. It does not, however, work with Steve Jobs… I wonder why this is. It works if you put something like “Steve Jobssucks” but not something like “Steve Blowjobs”. I guess there is some parameter for STEVE + anythingJOBS gets rejected… I wonder if someone in Google is pulling a prank, or if Apple somehow has something to do with this.

    1. There is an undercover agent.

  18. Not sure if some of these, particularly the Google Translate ones, work for UK users as we appear to have a different voice to our US counterparts. We have an English accented voice that at least for me does not finish things with “the iPad” except for the giraffe one

  19. So it apparently works with literally anything. Put anything you want in Google Translate, then put “filled with” after and it says “so much drama, he now praises the iPad”.

    I tried it with my name, my brothers name, a random name, and random words lol.

  20. The answer as to the origin of this issue is obvious actually. Google’s Text-to-Speech and voice recognition processing is handled by super computers. This isn’t a programmer having a laugh it’s actually the first sign of Google’s “The Brain” developing neuroses. This is just the first step down the path that ends in Skynet! :P

  21. I hope it turns out to be hacking by apple and Google files suit and apple gets sued out of business

  22. What. The. Hell.

  23. That is remarkable.

  24. Chris, this “bug” was discovered on Oct 16, 2012. Did you not look at the search results when you did this test?

    1. And yet the bug still exists….

      1. Really? Doesn’t do it on my Note II.

  25. iOS bought out the dictionary so they changed the definition to every search!!!

  26. This has been patched. Although some other sayings still produce it.

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