Tablet Weights give you a stylish display stand for your slate


It’s no secret that the state of Android tablet accessories is pretty frustrating. Most OEMs drag their feet on delivering proper tablet docks, and some don’t even bother. Heck, we’re still waiting on Google to deliver the official multimedia dock for its own Nexus 7, though recent retailer updates suggest that will come January 10th.

Well, the folks behind the famous smartphone coasters have come up with a new tablet for those who want to display their tablets in a stylish way. They’re called Tablet Weights, and the desktop-bound accessories — which are 6 inches in diameter — are made out of a clear acrylic to give you that in-store display look.

The base can hold a tablet in a few different orientations — portrait, landscape, and even at a 20-degree angle if you need it elevated to work on. The non-skid silicon gracing the edges keep everything from slipping and sliding about.

One has to wonder whether or not one of these is worth the unattractive price of $50, though. The materials might be nice and the flexibility of it might be ideal, but at the end of the day it’s just a generic tablet stand. I wouldn’t mind having one, but at $50 I would much rather get something like Logitech’s wireless keyboard.

That particular device comes with a carrying case that doubles as a tablet stand. It won’t quite hold the tablet up at a comfortable 20-degree angle for a workstation-like experience ala the Tablet Weight, but I would imagine it’s infinitely more useful for those who just want something to prop their tablet up. You can buy the Tablet Weight from NewPCGadgets right here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Your NewPCGadgets link doesn’t lead to the right place.

  2. Well, the folks behind the
    famous smartphone coasters
    have come up with a new tablet
    for those who want to display
    their tablets in a stylish way. Huh. Jeez, you should stop writing at 1 am -_-

  3. Your articles link in Flipboard goes somewhere else, but from your mobile site is correct.

  4. That Logitech keyboard/stand is outstanding, pardon the pun.

    If one is on a budget, one need only pick up a plate display stand from wherever is cheapest.

  5. Of Android tablet makers got together and standardized the docking connectors and licensed it to venders.

  6. What tab is that in the image.

    1. It is a cobbled together picture it seems…note the android interface photoshopped onto the screen of an iPad.

  7. I know buy the time Google releases an official N7 dock I would have already retired that tablet. :-/

  8. TJ Maxx has a bluetooth keyboard that comes with a very similar stand and they’re only charging $40 for the pair.

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