More leaked images give us an even better look at the 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate


With the Galaxy Note 2 in its sights, the massive 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate is showing up again today in a handful of leaked pics. It was “leaked” yesterday by Huawei themselves but we only got a glimpse at the front of the device as it dwarfed Huawei Chief Richard Yu’s hands.

Tonight we are finally able to get a good look at the back of the device, which looks very similar to its smaller sibling, the Huawei Ascend D2. The most notable difference being in the finish Huawei is going with the Mate, looking aluminum in appearance. Other than that, there’s nothing too impressive or terrible looking about the device, although the smashed HTC One X-esque camera is a bit of an eye-sore.

As a refresher, the Huawei Ascend Mate is expected to carry a heft set of specs under the hood like a quad-core CPU, 4,000mAh battery 2GB of RAM and of course, it’s formidable 1080p full HD 6.1-inch display. Of course, we should get a much better look at the device when it’s unveiled at CES in just a few short weeks. So far, how’s the Mate looking to you?


Chris Chavez
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  1. Too big. I know…I know, that’s what she said. ;)

    1. That’s what — dang it.

    2. thats tiny by my standards.

      1. that’s what she said.

    3. Yeah the Note 2 is pushing it for me but still doable. I can use it one handed but it’s goofy and I’ve had a few close calls with friend’s phones. I think 6.1″ had gone over the limit for my hand capacity though.

  2. is that a Note next to it?

    1. Ascend D2

  3. I think these Oriental folks are compensating for something else.

    1. You should try compensating for your lack of a brain, idiot.

      1. Is he wrong though? lol I kid

        1. He is, I’m oriental and I’m ahem…..bigger than the ascend mate 1, everyone of us secretly has a big…..heart. What Thomas is trying to say is that we are all evil narrow minded Chinese with a lack of heart so we have to make up for it by showing that we have a big heart in the form of the Mate, that’s why we named it mate because it has a big heart in the form of a 6.1 inch screen and is your mate for life. It will take some time for us evil commies to win your hearts and we must try harder, no pun intended ;) I will send flowers

          1. Ur a batty boi

          2. Think he is taking the p***, I doubt this guy is even Asian anyway.

      2. Happy New Year !!

    2. I though “oriental” was put on the do not use list, unless you are over 60 and don’t know better.

  4. what’s the down arrow on the nav bar?

    1. It reflects how much you should trust this company.

      1. Didn’t you know Ahmed? Oppo/Huawei/ZTE/XIAOMI designers and employees= evil war criminals responsible for the unrest in the middle east and plotted invasions and world domination, sipping champagne and all laughing in their Gestapo uniforms. How could you not know?? You should really watch Fox news more often!

        1. a bit excessive and “Gestapo” is on the wrong side of the world. Shows how much you know. However, funded by the Chinese government is 100% correct. Never trust GFE… government furnished equipment.

          1. what’s wrong with joking about one’s people? He’s well aware of that isn’t he?

  5. Icons look cartoonish

    1. Yeah, not feeling Huawei’s UI at all. My favorite at the moment is LG’s.

      1. Might aswell root it :/. BTW: The best UI over the android OS is htc sense 3.0.

        1. Sense 4/4+ maybe… Sense 3 was far from perfect

        2. can’t root… chinese govt won’t allow it.

        3. Best ui is googles! Stock ftr well I actually don’t mind the new touch wiz with the added features but leaving that on my phone no gwallet or WiFi tether

        4. Root is probably as far as development will go w/this.HUAWEI isn’t exactly known for releasing the tools for aftermarket development.

  6. I must admit I’m not a big fan of HUAWEI,but,this looks like a winner if the rumored specs hold up:


    Who cares about screen size @ this point……

    Let the “BATTLE OF THE BATTERIES” begin.

    1. specs don’t matter.

      1. Yeah……

        I suppose…..if you’re used to using the payphone outside of the nearest corner liquor store.

        1. Every phone released in the last year is essentially the same. Bumps in specs don’t really constitute true differences, especially in the minds of consumers.

          Terms like “retina display” and “pebble-like design” have more clout than a minor spec bump.

          The only think significant about this phone is the size. Other than that, it is just like 10+ other phones on the market.

          Excited for the X-phone and Samsung’s flexible display so we FINALLY see something new on the market.

          1. I think you can make a clear distinction among the 10 bestselling phones on the market.

            However,your point is well-taken,as a sizable share of the end users don’t know the difference between the original HUAWEI ASCEND & an iPhone,or care to,as long as they fit in w/the “cool kids”,etc……

  7. Introducing the iGalaxy X

  8. Thats a big ass battery. The screen is only that big so they could fit that battery. Also no U.S no care.

  9. Two problems no spen type accessory and the is looks too much like iOS although that can be fixed with a launcher or better yet a rom

  10. :O 4,000mAh battery????? Will Verizon get this????

    1. Never, its Huawei…

  11. They just had to steal the camera design from the hTC One X right?

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