Dec 28th, 2012

What, you thought Apple was the only problem Samsung had to deal with in the mobile realm? It looks like two South Korean companies will get ready to battle in court over display patents. LG Display is claiming Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 infringes on display technology that makes it easier to view the tablet’s display at many different viewing angles.

The goal for LG Display is to get the tablet banned at all levels, including importation, retail and even manufacturing. While such a ban likely won’t phase Samsung it’s a strong first punch to throw at the manufacturer’s biggest slate. Samsung Display’s vice president — Shim Jaeboo — has already responded, saying LG Display’s claims are unjustified. He didn’t go into much detail as to how, but to release a statement so swiftly and boldly suggests Samsung has confidence that this case won’t go far.

Should LG get its way, it will also look to rake in around $933,000 per day for each day of “continued non-compliance.” We’re not sure if they’re counting the days since the tablet has been on sale as “non-compliance,” but in that case a bit of quick, dirty math tells me that would be about $130 million to date.

Samsung has been hit with much harder, of course, as they once faced a possible $1.1 billion penalty for its scuffle with Apple, though it looks as though Samsung will successfully ward that one off. That seems like pocket change for such a big electronics company that has been breaking sales records all year, but we’re sure they’d still hate to take the loss. We’ll keep half an eye on this one, folks.

[via Taipei Times]

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