LG Display looks to take Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 off the market with ban


What, you thought Apple was the only problem Samsung had to deal with in the mobile realm? It looks like two South Korean companies will get ready to battle in court over display patents. LG Display is claiming Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 infringes on display technology that makes it easier to view the tablet’s display at many different viewing angles.

The goal for LG Display is to get the tablet banned at all levels, including importation, retail and even manufacturing. While such a ban likely won’t phase Samsung it’s a strong first punch to throw at the manufacturer’s biggest slate. Samsung Display’s vice president — Shim Jaeboo — has already responded, saying LG Display’s claims are unjustified. He didn’t go into much detail as to how, but to release a statement so swiftly and boldly suggests Samsung has confidence that this case won’t go far.

Should LG get its way, it will also look to rake in around $933,000 per day for each day of “continued non-compliance.” We’re not sure if they’re counting the days since the tablet has been on sale as “non-compliance,” but in that case a bit of quick, dirty math tells me that would be about $130 million to date.

Samsung has been hit with much harder, of course, as they once faced a possible $1.1 billion penalty for its scuffle with Apple, though it looks as though Samsung will successfully ward that one off. That seems like pocket change for such a big electronics company that has been breaking sales records all year, but we’re sure they’d still hate to take the loss. We’ll keep half an eye on this one, folks.

[via Taipei Times]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. wow, patent laws are garbage!!!! Slows down and prevents innovation!

    1. Thank you for NOT being the one billionth person to say “stifles ______”!

  2. Why would it help LG to bam Samsung tablets does LG even make tablets that compete in the same range?

    1. If don’t have it. So you can’t have it.

    2. Samsung accused LG of theft and sued first. LG denied it and countered. Samsung started this.Samsung sued LG first this is retaliation

    3. I didn’t even know LG made tablets :O

  3. This is what I’ve been saying all along….LG is garbage…and Always will be…

    1. Sounds like someone wasn’t able to get their Nexus 4 order processed…

      1. Most far from the truth….It was a sad day when LG received there Nexus branding…I would never buy there crap….

        1. their* (possessive)

        2. I agree. lg will never be able to compete.

        3. Let’s hope Samsung gets the nexus back but I have a feeling it will be moto. Acctualy if Google uses moto they can push the device farther for the same price or make the next one even cheaper cutting out the middle man

        4. And just because a device got the nexus brand dissent make it great it is still at the mercy of the hardware manufacturer I learned this with my n7 asus’s quality is crap and I looked the other way because well nexus the device has a creaky screen and to find out this is common on the device and it has an issue charging from dead. People are blaming it on the update but the issue was around before 4.2 its just more frequent now

      2. Considering Google blamed LG for the Nexus shortage, wouldn’t that be another reason to back up his statement?

  4. lg sucks.

  5. You’re drunk LG, go home.

  6. I like LG, eh made Nexus 4 and doesn’t afraid of anything

  7. You should probably mention that this is a counter by LG because Samsung sued them first. Samsung said LG paid some of their researchers to leak information about their OLED tech. LG denied it, pointed out that their OLED tech is different, and said Samsung is just trying to cover the embarrassment of losing some demo TV’s on their way to a trade show.

  8. LG, make stuff that isn’t weak and we’ll talk, but not until then.

  9. #BoycottLG

    1. lol.. really?

      1. I’m half joking half serious. There should be courtroom peace between Android manufacturers.

        1. Yeah totally. I kinda gave up now, as long as they keep bringing out bomb products lol

  10. I never liked LG.

  11. haha

  12. I was really considering buying an LG tv until I read this. Now I’m about to replace my Samsung with another Samsung.

    Tired of this patent shit. Especially with companies that should be working together.

    1. Buy a Panasonic. Nothing beats plasma.

      1. I have a 50 inch Samsung plasma. Honestly it still looks fantastic. I should probably just wait. Haha

        1. Trying to hook up a PC using HDMI has been a ni9ghtmare as its always either overscanning of majorly underscanning the Picture on my TC-P50X1 Panasonic Plasma. I have most of my media on my PC so I can just either stream it to my other devices that have it or have it running directly through an HDMI cable considering the TV does not have a dedicated PC input like so many LCDS do.

          1. If you own a PS3 or Xbox its super simple to stream even high Def content to a tv. Also keeps 1080p content in the right resolution. Problem with LCDs with PC inputs is that the input does not support 1080p because it is not a native PC resolution so content is skewed.

          2. 130(6)x768 is a native pc resolution and so is 1920×1080 pcs had those resolutions before even TVs did.

          3. Ummm… 1080 is kinda the standard for PC at the moment…
            Any decent sized widescreen monitor is at least 1920×1080, plus with my HDMI port, I hook up my PS3 if I want to take it to the cottage.

      2. LED TVs do so much better

        1. The only time I would ever recommend an LED is if you have an insanely bright room or you plan on connecting a computer to it. But a plasma will win in picture quality.

          1. I have to disagree of all the plasmas and LED tvs I have seen LEDs always look better.

        2. Nothing beats my CRT

      3. Say that to the guy who left his DVR paused on his plasma for 6 hours and has permanent burned in images in his several thousand dollar tv.

      4. true statement… got a 42. inch vierra plasma last year… amazing screen, beautiful. seriously plasma still looks better than LCD/LED.

    2. In that case you may want to reconsider LG since Samsung sued LG first thi

      1. Rockstar … did you want to mention it just once more??? This is the third time you bleet the same topic and link. Move on mate …. i dredd to continue to scroll down.

  13. You bunch off fanbois. Smh.

    1. I know right? Samsung fanboys are worse than Apple’s. Also the writer forgot to mention that Samsung sued LG first. Wonder how many of the Samsung fateful, that was quick to bash LG, will start to blame Samsung.

      1. I might get thumbed down for this, but phandroid readers have a tendency to be diehard Samsung fans while DROID Life readers tend to be die hard Moto fans.

        1. Droid life is about Droid devices and that is mainly verizon’s droid product mostly of which are Moto devices hence Droid Life catering to moto droids

      2. Even if LG is counter suing what they trying with is absolutely pitiful and being that they don’t even have tab presence they definitely are not going to get money from Samsung because its not hurting LG from anything on a financial stand point nor is it a big point of the device and number 2 its VIEWING ANGLES whether you are a Samsung Lover or LG Lover you can’t deny the stupidity of this patent that they are trying to hit Samsung with. How about I go out and patent using 20/20 vision or contacts for that matter that improve your vision or even glasses and get them banned? because that would make sense right?

        1. You’re missing the point. LG didn’t sue at all until Samsung sued them first accusing theft. This is business. What do you expect them to do, roll over and take it? They are responding to a frivolous law suit with a frivolous law suit. I’m not much of a fan of either company. I’m just tied of the Samsung fanboys acting like Samsung does no wrong. Many are starting to act like the Apple fanboys when the first iPhone came out.

          1. No I don’t expect them just to bend over and take it but come on surely they have something better to counter them with than an improvement in viewing angles thats in a tab that they don’t even offer a tab yet! they can’t and won’t get a thing if it stands.

          2. The don’t make tablets but they make displays and that’s what they claim is infringing. I agree with you these patent disputes are ridiculous. I brought it up because of the Samsung fateful jumping all over LG when it was Samsung who sued first.

  14. Hopefully they assembled a better legal team than the one used here in the states.

  15. Rockstar323 I believe that lg actually filed a suit against Samsung earlier this year about oled display tech.
    In my opinion this is the most ridiculous reason for a suit that I’ve ever heard of. Has nothing to do with me liking one company over the other.
    I actually wanted a nexus 4 but with them always being out of stock I wound up buying a note 2. Eventually I will buy a nexus 4.

    1. After using a Note II the Nexus 4, will seem n like a total POS!

      1. Note 2 is semi too big for normal use just about perfect for powerhouse usage.

      2. I actually sold two Note II’s and picked up two Nexus 4’s and stand by my decision. They are both great phones. There are definitely some things better about both, and right now the margin between these two phones are slim.

        But in 6 months, I think it will be more apparent the Nexus 4 is a better choice. In a year, there will be no argument. Now if the Galaxy Note 2 was a certified Nexus device, and all their S-Pen code was AOSP, holy crap would that be an amazing phone.

  16. Pathetic!

  17. LG is learning from Apple, if you can’t beat them, then sue them

  18. Anyone remember GOLDSTAR? Top-notch product line there……;-)
    Now they’re renamed LG (LIES GOOD) for a reason…..

    True innovation there GOLDSTAR……….

  19. Oh God, I’m never buying LG again…….ffs ! grow up, get a life and stfu.

  20. LG should be kicked from the OHA and all Google app support should be pulled from future LG products. Let’s see how far they make it in the future using a version of Android without Google Play Store, Youtube, Google Now, etc. It’s enough they have a bad rep with software updates, that has them losing a good amount of customers, this will just add to their problems. They’ll come back crying.

  21. Noooo! We mustn’t lose sight of what is important here. Android we must stick together, united we stand divided we fall. The last thing we need is for these companies to become divided because that leads to being conquerd, by possibly Apple.

    1. LG is the second largest manufacturer after Samsung. LG makes very good products. my next flat screen will probably be LG, I’m thinking Plasma too. Finally activated some service on my Nexus 4 yesterday, It’s a BOSS.

  22. maybe then they can pay some attention to those of us in the US that have the note 10.1 and were promised a jb upgrade before year end.

  23. LG is the new boss. Their IPS screens have always been better than Samsung’s OLED. A quick look at a Nexus 4 or an Optimus G proves it. And build quality? Bye Samsung, LG just left your azz in the dust!

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