6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate pictured in the wild, 1080p display and all [VIDEO]


You either clicked this post to scoff, or drool. In any case, if you missed it, Huawei Chairman Richard Yu unofficially unveiled the manufacturer’s much leaked 6.1-inch Ascend Mate back on Sunday. While the device hasn’t been much of a secret — Richard has taken to his blog to talk about the device a few times in the past — the device is expected to be formally revealed at Huawei’s press even during CES 2013 in a few weeks along with the well-spec’d Huawei Ascend D2.

Looking much like you’d expect a 6.1-inch device to look, the device resembles what we’d expect a Galaxy Note 3 or 4 to look like in our mind’s eye. That is if Samsung continues down it’s current path. The Ascend Mate appears wide enough for the pocket but the length means it’s more than likely to peek out of your trousers. You know, the phone.

The Mate is expected to carry a nice set of specs, notably a 1080p full HD display, 4,000mAh battery, and  a quad-core CPU all tucked away nicely inside a 9.9mm thin frame. By comparison, the Note 2 measures about 9.4mm thick. The best part? The Huawei Ascend Mate is being billed as a more affordable Note, with pricing expected at around the $480 mark.

For another look, you can check out the embedded video below. We have a team assembled and ready to cover every inch of the CES showroom floor starting January 8th, so stay tuned for more.

[Weibo | via Engadget]

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  2. I second that! I’ll also stick with my note 2

  3. Wow, cant believe CES is right around the corner. Time flies.

    And yes, that is pretty much all I took from this post. :-P

  4. Perhaps some of the regional carriers or MVNO’s might carry this, but, I seriously doubt if we’ll see it on any of the major carriers in North America.

    Besides, this seems to be HUAWEI’s M/O around CES time every year. Make a lot of noise over what always amounts to be either nothing or just more CRAPTASTIC garbage.

  5. …. no thanks

  6. way too big! my note 2 is as big as I’ll go. that thing really does look like a tablet when you see them watching a video on it

    1. I wouldn’t mind if my N7 had calling capabilities. It snugly fits in my jacket pocket right now and in summer I’ll just throw it in the bag i carry anyway.

      Right now i carry what i feel is too many devices. I got my HTC one, N7, work BB and sometimes 15″ laptop. It would be useful to me if I can combine a phone and a tablet so i can call from my tablet without necessity to carry a phone.

      The only cons I see is that i would always have to use wireless/wired handsfree to make a call and I’ll lose a camera capability that i use from time to time on my phone.

      Sure this is definitely not for everyone, especially for areas of the world where its warm enough to wear shorts 3 out of 4 seasons.

      It is interesting to see where this whole screen size explosion is going.

      1. im with you on this one i wish my n7 had calling capabilities and a rear camera i would not need a phone just my tab. all the people that complain its too big get annoying its obviously not for them that is why android is so great their is a device for everyone not one size fits all.

  7. I don’t think 6.1in. is too big…..

    1. That’s what she said.

  8. I want to have it just so my iPhone carrying friends can have even more screen envy.

    1. and they will laugh at a clown.

    2. i just compared one of my dummy display iphones (i sell phone accessories online and use it for photos don’t judge me) to my n7 you can fit 3 iphone displays to make that single display. well this phone will be slightly smaller bat that’s alot of screen envy.

  9. Y’know, I LOVE my Note 2, but that’s just trying to compensate for something…

    1. it’s funny cuz their Asian! jk, was just thinking back to that south park episode

      1. “We cannot achieve so much with such small penis, but you American wow, penis so big, so big penis!”

        1. ChinpokePhone, watch out Americans :P

  10. If they could make the screen edge-to-edge (this includes vertically , they’d have a huge winner in my book (I have the GNote 2 and I love it). The bezel makes it too much on a “phone”, at that size.

    1. How would one even be able to hold that? Edge-to-edge would mean even holding it by it’s sides would cause interaction with the screen….it’d be a nightmare.

      Not so sure I’d mind it top to bottom, but side-to-side would be unbearable.

      1. the Razr M by moto is edge to edge horizontally and there is no problems with holding it or accidental button presses.

  11. Look at that bezzel!!!

    1. Not a bezel… It is a wide screen movie playing with black bars on top and bottom.

  12. 2 years ago the 3.7 – 4.0 inch screen phones used to dominate on the Android side. Back then having a 5 inch phone was inconceivable and a laughable idea(Dell Streak 5 anyone?). The “phablet” term AFAIK did not even exist.
    And here we are in a time where 5inch+ phones became the standard.

    Again, the boiling frog story is happening right here.

  13. Well they did it right, they gave it on screen soft keys… the icons look ugly tho

  14. well, 6 inch was what I always wanted. I am wondering if US carriers will carry the damn thing. I am loving it.

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