We wouldn’t be mad if this rendered concept turned out to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 [VIDEO]


Before I go any further, I want to point one thing out right away: this is NOT real. The device you see in the video below is only a rendered concept made by a group of Russians with great imagination. That said, if Samsung were to announce the Samsung Galaxy S4 today and this is what they put before us, we would have absolutely no qualms.

This beautiful “hands-on” video was put together by the folks behind the rozetked YouTube channel, and it dares us to imagine a phone with the following specs: a 2GHz quad-core processor, an 1080p Grand AMOLED display, a 13 megapixel camera, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and more. Hey, if you’re going to dream then why not dream big, right?

Even more interesting is the “projection laser keyboard dock,” a docking station that can beam a keyboard layout to whatever surface it’s sitting on and be typed on as if you had a real keyboard sitting in front of you. This sort of technology is in R&D by several companies so it’s not far-fetched or too unrealistic for our tastes. I can’t say I see Samsung coming to market with an accessory like that, but if the technology is there then why not stock it into a fake concept video?

Wishful thinking aside, the device shown will probably end up being close to Samsung’s in terms of design. It’s not hard to predict that considering the Galaxy S line has enjoyed the same base design since 2010. Middle button? Check. Big, beautiful display? Check. Attractive curves and the thinnest body you can have? But, of course.

We’ll have to wait on official word from the head honchos at Samsung before we start making any assumptions, though, so we’ll let 2013 bring us the goods once they’re ready. Go ahead and hit that nice, big play button up above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. For those pathetic SOB’s who can’t view Video while browsing this site, could you clip in a few shots? Maybe?

    Ya know…next time?

    Thanks in advance, Quentyn! (See, I thanked you in advance and since I’ve already thanked you, well…you have to now.) …cuz that’s how I roll. ;-)

    1. How about viewing this site in a device that’s able to view video?

      1. youth: I’m actually not a complete imbecile, but thanks.

        No data signal here and youtube is blocked. Try again?

        No worries though: DL came through and provided a pic in their coverage…

        1. Womp….womp…. Womp……

  2. Nice looking “rendered concept,” but one thing I don’t like is how thin it is.

    If the next Galaxy S is actually super thin at the expense of battery life, then that is bad! I much rather have a slightly thicker phone that makes it through an entire day or more of use without constantly needing to be on the charger.

    Why is it that only Motorola seems to understand this necessity for amazing battery life? I hope the S4 is actually slightly thicker with a massive removable battery.

    Oh, and if they make it available in two screen sizes without dumbed down internal hardware specs on the mini version (for those of us who don’t want to walk around with tablets attached to our ears) then that will make me very happy.

    1. I agree with everything stated in this comment.

      1. Ditto. I really don’t get the fascination of having a thin phone, especially when it comes at the expense of battery life. It’s the biggest reason why I no longer support HTC phones. When they said that battery life was the least of their concerns, I immediately switched to Samsung. I might switch to Moto next year if the X Phone is any good.

        1. HTC has never ever said battery life is the least of their concerns. Just admit it, all your friends got Samsungs so you did too. You bandwagon boys really irk me….everyone is hating on HTC for one reason or another, so the mindless drones follow. Same way when everyone wasnt even touching Samsung phones because they were glitchy and problematic till they made a blessed Nexus, then everyone loved Samsung even though they were still making glitch pieces of crap….Samsung only this year actually started making phones of high quality, the GS3 and the Note 2. HTC still bests Samsung and motorolla in quality builds and superior software. When they solve the battery issue they will once again be king in build and notoriety, and Samsung will be eating their dust.

          1. Ah, no. They actually did. Of course, it’s not worded that way. They said that based on their “survey”, aesthetics and thinness are consumers’ primary concerns, which was why they are focusing on that over battery life. That’s a lot of bull. No consumer would ever say that. Also, I am not a fan of Samsung. As a company, I hate it. Their customer service (at least in our country) are very incompetent. Despite this, I went for their Note line specifically for the great screen size. And to be honest, there’s sadly no viable alternative in the phablet arena just yet (the LG Vu is a joke). I used to love HTC, but until they prioritize battery life, I wouldn’t be looking at any of their phones anytime soon.

          2. The only reason the NOTE has great battery life is because its huge..every other samsung and motorolla phone are still in the same boat battery wise. Until battery tech improves, which its in the process of doing, NO PHONE will have great battery life. When that happens every phone including HTC will have great battery life while being thin, and maybe if we are lucky, flexible !! BTW im thinking of getting the note 2, also because of the screen, more because of the processor and up to 64GB micro SD storage….sounds cool.

          3. To be exact, the 2500mAh on the Note provides ample power for heavy use. The problem with HTC is that they put batteries with such inadequate mAh in their phones. Why does Moto’s RAZR Maxx have such legendary battery life? It’s because they placed in an insanely large 3300 mAh to power a phone that has a mere 4.7″ screen. The Note 2 (my current phone) is in a similar caliber. It grew a 0.2″ more compared to the original Note and yet they powered it up with a 3100mAh battery. And I have to say that I am quite impressed. And, yes, current battery technology is quite limited. But the truth of the matter is that HTC insists on using lower powered batteries to power their phones just to be able to prioritize form factor. It’s made even more frustrating by the fact that their top of the line phones have non removable battery. I love HTC phones’ build quality, but until they reconsider their stance on battery life, they won’t be able to regain their former throne.

          4. I really think more OEM’s should follow Moto’s battery policy, maybe their is a market for incredibly thin devices, though I’m sure they regret it once they see the battery life. But I see no reason why companies can’t make a regular and Maxx like version of their flagship phones. Battery technology is what it is, so why do so many OEM’s ignore that fact and put such weak batteries in their phones. Moto has proven you can stuff really big batteries into a phone and retain a reasonable form factor.

          5. Your argument about battery technology betrays your ignorance! Motorola’s Razr Maxx phones get great battery life while the phones remain thin. If Motorola can do it, all the others can and should as well

          6. Samsung phones of the same size generally have better battery life than HTC phones, even when you exclude the note line.

          7. Ummm what about the Galaxy S II? The phone which made samsung what it is today just like the D900 if people remember back in the day which fired up the mobile division. And I stopped reading at “superior software” Lolz

          8. The SGS2 was actually their first “near-perfect” phone and the Galaxy Note followed, everything has been uphill for them since then.

          9. how does htc best Samsung? The sgs3 > one x, and the note 2 > droid dna. My opinion but the dna boat sank immediately when they announced the small battery and only 16gb internal memory with no expandable. Samsung is the best imo but there are other great products.

          10. Maybe the DNA doesn’t require that much power to run consider that before entirely dismissing the device for silly reasons

          11. After using the dna personally I can say the battery life is horrible compared to others like the razr maxx and note2. It is a powerhouse and the screen is simply amazing, but I had the memory full within a couple days and for the battery, it could definitely be bigger. I get maybe half the life I get with my note 2. I am a power user so take that into count. I demand a balance of power, battery life, storage and features. The note 2 in my opinion is the bestby a shot. The dna is a great phone, just a couple things that really cripple its potential. Storage and battery. Supp 64gb external and add 3000mAh battery and it would easily be the King of all smartphones.

          12. I’m not brand loyal at all, I’ve owned 2 HTC phones, 1 iPhone, 1 Motorola, 3 Samsung phones and now currently 1 LG phone. but I’m going to have to call bs on a lot of your statements, Samsung is popular because they make good phones, I’ve owned a captivate, gsm galaxy nexus and a galaxy S 2. The captivate had some gps issues, but they’ve since worked that out. I still own my S2 and use it as a work phone and it still gets better battery life (with a 2 year old battery) than any of my other phones have. HTC’s sense appeals to some people, but I would hardly say it’s superior to touchwiz, Sense has some problems, it’s bloated and takes up entirely too much memory, to the point that the one x couldn’t even multitask nearly as well as any other current Android phone. so called build quality is very subjective, some will dismiss a phone simply because it uses plastic or they don’t like the feel of the phone. Don’t call someone a Samsung fanboy just because they like a popular model, you sound like quite a fanboy yourself, insisting that htc is better than everyone. Many of the top manufacturers make some really good phones and some pretty bad ones. I have experience with a lot of phone UI’s Samsung, HTC, Motorola, AOSP and honestly HTC’s is the worst, it’s way too bloated and dumbed down imho. Samsung’s is ok, I’m not in love with it but at least it isn’t so heavy
            I really like Motorola as they are staying closer to AOSP and as you’ve probably guessed vanilla AOSP is my favorite, that’s why I currently own a nexus 4.

            Don’t stay loyal to a brand, anyone who does will miss out on some pretty good phones as well as understanding more about Android.

          13. jeeze, you are one sour guy, sad way to live man.. sad way to live

          14. HTC better quality builds? Dont know where you’ve been hiding, but my 2+ year old OG Tab has been through hell and still looks/runs better (CM9) than the day it was new. The Incredible 2, on the other hand, has a VERY poorly designed microUSB port/board. It has almost no structural support and you’re lucky to get six months of gentle use out of it each time you replace it.

            Even my 8 and 10 year old Samsung flip phones are rock solid (charge them occasionally for the kids to play with)

        2. I use the One S a LOT ALL RESOURCES sometimes forget to turn off gps and location and on standby it lasts practically forever, in use its really good so wth are you talking about? Maybe you should try them out before talking this crap the One S has superb battery life.

          1. so if you turn off features that make it a smart phone and don’t use it, it has great battery life? a phone that doesn’t know where it is (which a lot of apps depend on) and isn’t being used is just a paperweight, some might be able to live with the battery life of htc phones, I owned two of them and I can tell you the battery life was not acceptable to me, and it isn’t for a lot of people.

          2. No I’m saying that is just one case. Other devices that are smart phones if you leave all resources on despite not using the device will diminish greatly even on standby. I use this device a lot as the media device that it is I can do just about anything and it will last 12hrs so you owned 2 HTC devices? Doesn’t mean crap if they aren’t the latest ones as HTC has definitely improved in battery life. Anyways people should be moderating their usage regardless why do you need location services to be on if you aren’t using them? Why have brightness set to auto or full brightness all the time? Why have on NFC if you aren’t using a NFC service? Why have on Bluetooth if you aren’t connected to a Bluetooth? Turn off mobile network if you are connected to Wi-Fi and vice versa regardless if I leave all these resources on for a long period of time and decide I want to play a game use the navigation and watch a movie the battery will still have sufficient battery left but if you moderate usage of resources a battery will last and if you don’t with the one s it will still work.

        3. While I do agree with the argument of bad battery like, I can tell you that “you don’t know what the thin phone brings, before you own one”. And I’m telling you, if the battery life is acceptable, you’ll never even look at a phone thicker than the one you’ve got. It’s amazing how quickly one gets used to not noticing the phone in their pockets, either a shirt pocket, or on the back of jeans.

          1. That’s your opinion, personally I would and have traded a thinner phone that had acceptable battery life for a slightly thicker phone that had amazing battery life, Motorola has proven that you don’t need to make the phone all that much bigger in order to incorporate a larger battery. If you enjoy smaller htc phones, then by all means purchase them, but your not going to convince the average smartphone buyer. It’s the main reason htc isn’t doing well these days.

    2. Battery tech is improving all the time…but you wont see a battery capable of the Note 2 standards(which im assuming you are referring to by “tablet attached to our ears” for another couple of years. Its battery is too big to fit in a smaller phone. I think in 2-5 years battery tech will be awesome in all phones.

      1. Motorola,via RAZR MAXX and successor MAXX HD, is able to do it. Form factor isn’t big, and even if they were able to do it by making the battery internal, it does show that it can be done. It’s not physical impossibility that’s the problem. It’s the notion that phones have to be crazy thin that’s the problem. I personally wouldn’t mind an extra mm in thickness if it’ll come with great battery life. In fact, most consumers agree.

      2. Not sure where you are getting your information, but battery technology hasn’t gone anywhere in years..

        1. Battery tech is not the problem many people don’t realize this, the problem lies with app optimization and optimizing hardware for the battery like Bluetooth GPS lte screen display power all of these things are the things that need improving to make for better battery life or at least they need to put slightly bigger batteries in the devices the battery tech is fine it’s just a matter of how much power the resources require to run and if the juice in the batteries are enough

    3. We can have thinness and great battery life at the same time. Motorola has proven this. I hope the Galaxy S IV and Note III will both be much thinner with much powerful batteries.

      1. But then they equipped the Razr Maxx with a low res small screen. So instead of reducing battery life they skimped on usability by using a poor screen. The Maxx HD IS a lot bigger/heavier.

    4. Well you’re right about Motorola and there battery life but they had to sacrifice a removal battery to get that. The Note 2 is 300 mAh off of the RAZR MAXX (3,000 vs. 3,300 and it’s removable. I’d rather decent-good battery life and removable than good and non-removable, but anything’s better than HTC’s horrible battery life and non-removable.

  3. The laser projection keyboard is not in R&D. It is in production and available today. Has been for many years. The problem is that it is too large to fit within an ultra-slim phone, such as the one proposed here.

    1. That’s correct. I actually got one for christmas. It’s pretty sweet.

      1. Hmm. So far I’ve only heard bad things about these things. I heard the accuracy sucks, and the battery goes fast.

    2. It’s been in the Brookstone catalog.

    3. It’s not in the phone in the video, it’s in the dock which is maybe possible, but it is only a concept

    4. The journalism on this site at times is a mystery. Cool bunch though.

  4. Video isnt working anymore. :(

    1. working fine here. touching on it pulled up YouTube mobile app

  5. Concept looks way too big to be considered as a phone for me, but i like the idea of the dock with the built-in projected keyboard.

  6. The projection keyboard is old technology. I remember playing with one about 10 years ago. Might have been this: http://goo.gl/oAh3F

    1. Yeah, the Canesta projection keyboard! That actually never took off the way it should have been. Or at least in our country it didn’t. Was it any good? I haven’t been able to get my hands on one.

      1. I just tried it for a short period at work, but I remember the odd feeling of typing on a hard surface. We tried it as a PC keyboard alternative and as that it didn’t stand up to the physical competition because of the weird feeling. However, It was remarkably precise so now that people are used to hard tablet surfaces, the projection keyboard might get a revival integrated in small devices.

  7. Honestly, I’m glad this is only concept. the front of the phone is kind of hideous to me. Not that i care because I’m sticking with my N2 for a long time. My main concern is, it needs to look amazing to keep converting iFans. I highly doubt it will have a 2Ghz processor. 1.8 maybe. I just don’t see a need for that kind of power in a phone yet, even with all that these things do.

  8. Nice video, despite the engrish and slight 3d compositing glitches.

    I don’t want the “most thinnest” phone. I want the best battery in an _acceptably_ thin form factor.

    Also, I can swype faster than I can tap my fingers down onto (painfully hard) projected keyboard with no feedback.

  9. “The most thinnest one.” xD

    1. Yeah, dude. There were some serious grammar issues in that video. lol

      1. kind of like a phandroid article ;-)

  10. Was going to say something about the projection keyboards but I see I was already best to the punch. I used to carry one with me.

  11. Definitely a fake! They forgot the Verizon logo on the physical button…. :)

    1. well itll probably be on all carriers, why would there be a verizon logo ?

      1. Just a joke pal…because the Verizon logo was so infamously disliked….

  12. looks like the iphone 5 concept video from 2011 though this one seems more legit.

  13. …late

    1. Well sorry if it wasn’t quite up to your standards, “WadeDogg” Esquire.

      Maybe next time you might send them a tip so you, the master of the internet, could perhaps help Phandroid get the news out.

      Happy holidays.

      1. sorry, i will clarify. this is “late” as in this “fantasy concept” was already shown for the iphone 5 a year ago(no video projection for this one apparently). i wonder if the same people who did this did the iphone 5 concept video. its not your fault, you’re just the messenger.

  14. didn’t like the galaxy s3 design, don’t like this one, but good concept

  15. if this device was real I would dump the fail of nexus lines Google had released this year.

  16. Im gonna be that guy and say that it needs more bezel.

    1. I know, right? Bezels aren’t there because of hardware contraints. They’re there so users aren’t constantly pressing on the screen by simply holding it. That being said, I don’t mind having thinner bezels on the bottom on top of devices. That’d be nice. :T

  17. samsung you better check out this video and build it. at this piont im skipping the gs4 note3 and the next nexus due to my contract but if this is the gs4 well id just have to get it or wait for the note 3 since it likley would be the same with a bigger display.

  18. I hate the middle button.

  19. I truly hope Samsung gets rid of the home key

  20. They stole the keyboard idea from the mind blowing firefox concept phone. I don’t even want to think of what I would do for the firefox phone.

    1. Correction it was a mozilla phone and the concept video is hmeh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG3tLxEQEdg

      1. They both use the same concept, but the laser keyboard has been around for ages. I’ve always wanted one, but I’d never say I stole the idea of wanting one from anyone

        1. I believe you stole it from me.

  21. I’ll be mad. I’ll be mad that yet again we have to suffer puny batteries just so that the phone can look anorexic.

  22. Well they did a fine job and I’m sure if that phone was released or the real deal not one person would complain, well I’m sure someone would Lol!! Oh and thank you Phandroid for the gift code, you guys didn’t have to pick me but you did and it really means a lot to me. I’m a dedicated fan of Phandroid and always will be, you were my first go to site for reviews and help, and you guys truly care about your reader’s.

  23. as many said, make it a bit thicker for bigger batteries, unless the have a new layout for a massive battery. Also, I don’t see the 13mp camera lens being that thin either. nice render though, they did great. notice the 5in 1080p display had no bezel on the sides? Make the screen bigger but not the phone.

  24. Samsung galaxy natural progression, looks like last years iphone…

  25. Neat…I personally would like to see a choice of a retro colour-scheme for the device…such as a glass-like dark brown wood-grain with light beige face on the front, then some thin chrome edging to the sides and menu button to accent it all.
    This concept would look good to me ONLY if the device was about the same thickness as iPhone 4S, still the rounded-off corners but flat (not tapered) edges so it’s thickness is noticeable.

    …which leads me to battery life. Not interested in thin if battery life is short…I need it to get me through at least 24 hours of regular use.

  26. 2 GHz? Now smartphones are faster than my computer!

  27. This is to the s3 as what the 5 is to the iPhone 4S- if anyone is excited by this, all of you who bashed the iPhone 5 are all hypocrites.

  28. that looks fake
    just look closely on the phone when the person is holding its hands

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