Dec 27th, 2012

All you Mac heads out there, listen up: BlueStacks App Player for your operating system is out of beta. If you’re not “in the know,” BlueStacks is an Android application emulator that brings hundreds of thousands of Google Play Store apps and games to your desktop PC.

Using its “layercake” technology, BlueStacks can properly emulate any game and app at great speeds. This is a huge far cry from Google’s own Android emulator, though those emulators are typically used strictly for development testing. This app player is more focused on giving consumers a way to use Android apps without having to have actual Android devices.

The benefits are quite obvious. For starters, the 750,000 or so apps in the Google Play Store are now at your fingertips, so if you preferred the Android version of, say, Google Reader compared to using the desktop site then you can opt for that route. If you wanted to use Google+ Messenger on desktop instead of having to pick your phone or tablet up each time you wanted to chat with your friends, BlueStacks makes that possible.

There are many different reasons to want this, and a ton of use-cases in BlueStacks’ favor. If the Mac release is anything like the Windows version then you’ll find that this is a viable alternative to having a actual Android device. Give it a shot yourself over at BlueStacks’ site, and see if you can’t find something worth putting on your desktop as if it were a native app.

[via BlueStacks]

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