Dec 21st, 2012

Anomaly Korea, the sequel to the award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth, is now available for download via Google Play. The game about an all-out invasion of the earth by a race of giant alien machines comes just in time for (supposed) end of the world.

Anomaly Korea features 12 new missions, new powerups and tactical units, and plenty more all polished off with HD graphics that will look simply stunning on your Android device. We previewed Anomaly Korea and have been excited for the full version of the game ever since.

The tower offense title is available for a special launch price of $2.99 if you act now. Head on over to Google Play and grab it before the machines win and doom the earth and its inhabitants forever.

“Anomaly Korea” Lands on App Store and Google Play

Defend Korea against invading aliens in 12 all-new tower offense missions

11 bit studios announced today that “Anomaly Korea,” the sequel to the critically acclaimed “Anomaly Warzone Earth,” is now available for iOS and Android devices via the iTunes App Store and Google Play. A partnership of 11 bit studios and Chillingo published the iOS version, while 11 bit published the Android version.

In “Anomaly Korea”, players take command of a squad of Earth’s defenders and use the tactical touch gameplay to run them through a gauntlet of deadly alien foes. While new weapons and new gameplay modes provide new ways to combat the alien scum, there are also new enemies and new challenges lying in wait for veteran and new commanders.

“Anomaly Korea” features:

  • A sequel to the award-winning “Anomaly Warzone Earth”
  • Think tactically across 12 new missions
  • Deploy new player powers and units to take on new enemies
  • Put your skills to the test in ‘Art of War’ mode
  • Cutting-edge visuals and a stunning soundtrack with full voice acting
  • Graphics optimized for today’s most powerful Android and iOS devices