ASUS bringing a pair of Nexus-like tablets to CES?


ASUS has surely enjoyed its relationship with Google to create the official 7 inch Nexus tablet, but the company still has more tricks of its own to show off in the world of Android tablets. Rumors regarding devices from the Transformer line of tablets have been unusually scarce, but perhaps that’s because ASUS has fallen in love with the 7 inch book-like slates they’ve worked on lately.

One of those leaked tablets was only in the form of a list of specs, but we do get a sample camera shot to behold. That tablet is the ASUS ME371MG. It’s a 7 inch slate that bears a striking resemblance to the Nexus 7, though the internals are quite different. This device will reportedly use Intel’s Atom chipset for its computing needs, specifically the Z2420. The base spec on this thing is a 1.2GHz single-core configuration that doesn’t sound amazing in the world of multi-core chipsets but should be able to hold its own.

The display is said to have a 1280×800 resolution, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth are to be expected, of course, but this thing is also said to house 3G radios. The sample image above looks to have been taken at about 3.1 megapixels, but there’s no telling if that’s the max resolution of the device’s camera just yet.

Also confirmed was the ASUS ME172V. This particular device is a bit more modest than the one you read about above. It’s a 7 inch slate itself, but comes outfitted with VIA’s 1GHz single-core WM8950, an ARM Cortex-A9 chipset which houses Mali-400 graphics.

The 7 inch panel on it uses TN technology instead of IPS, and also has only 1024×600 resolution, and looks to have just a 1.3 megapixel camera sitting on the front. Both of these tablets will launch with Jelly Bean 4.1 and we’re sure ASUS has something in mind for a custom user interface to sit on top of that.

We imagine these will be quite affordable as the specs don’t hold even the smallest candle to the Nexus 7, but ASUS has obviously fallen in love with the 7 inch design they started with Google’s line and will look to carry that design philosophy across what seems to be its new favorite category of slates.

These devices — the latter coming in both black and white — are said to be getting their unveiling come CES so we’ll be right there to get our eyes on both if that turns out to be true. And we wouldn’t write ASUS off as far as more exciting products — the OEM always seems to have something more up its sleeve for the biggest technology event of the new year.

[via Notebook Italia]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. GARBAGE!!!

  2. CRAP!!!!

    1. Just because you don’t like a product, it doesn’t make it garbage. Especially when the final specs are not revealed, and your not the target audience.

  3. What’s the point if they’re not as good, or better, than the Nexus 7? Unless they’re priced way lower, of course.

    1. Or if they stop producing the Nexus 7….

      1. herasy

    2. Asus, as manufacturer of Google’s Nexus 7, may be legally bound to not offer a simular product at a simular price point. Remember all the hoopla about the new Asus 7″ tab , and we, or at least I , was salivating and couldn’t wait til it hit the shelves. Unfortunately, Google also salivated, and took what I think would have been a great tablet away from the world. I am fairly certain it would have been a Nexus 7 with Sd slot, HDMI, and possibly a rear cam. At that time, I would have paid $249 for an 8GB version. In fact, I would pay that now for an open system with the additions mentioned plus a tad better screen like B & N is offering. I hope Asus did not agree to hold back on releasing such a tablet and if they did, the time frame is up, and we are about to recieve what we thought we were going to get back in mid 2012. It may be too late as the GPS chip in the Nexus & all Asus tabs are functional, but not great chips. If they use the BCM47511 instead of the BCM4751 the GPS will be a great chip as it will use GLONASS and should be very accurate. Add in dual Wi/Fi, a better quality screen, better sound, forget the NFC and rear cam to cut costs, and I would pay $249.99., that is, if the system is open and current.

  4. RUBBISH!!!

  5. hardly nexus-like. Asus is turning into assus.

  6. Why would they release an Intel based Android Tablet?

    1. I saw that, and it comes to mind it may be a Windows Tablet? Everytime I see Intel in a device, it’s usually based on a Microsoft product. I know it was stated both tabs would be Jelly Bean, but there is a market for both Android & Windows based Tabs.

  7. meh

  8. we get it, they’ve FALLEN IN LOVE WITH 7 INCH TABLETS.

  9. Do they really expect these to sell with the Nexus 7 on the market?

  10. $100 Nexus 7 with single core cpu and TN panel screen. It will be the cheapest tablet, but I feel its just too cheap. The reason the current one is so popular is because the Tegra 3 runs so nicely with stock Jelly Bean. Unless this new one can produce smoothness close to it, I dont feel $100 will be low enough to sell.

    1. Not to you, but imagine a cheap priced tablet that isn’t built cheaply. Lyk you’re getting more for your buck? If they can pull that off, imagine how many schools can start having tablets in their classrooms for the students?

      Imagine getting a tablet for your kids or younger children? A cheaply made and cheap tablet will break in like 2 weeks, but this will last you.

      Just my thoughts.

  11. I think the real targets are those people who want cheaper tablets. Think about it. Some schools wanted tablets in their classrooms, but those $100 tablets were trash and lasted like 2 weeks. Imagine how many educational businesses would want a cheap tablet that actually works?

    I’m sure this tablet isn’t targeting anyone on this forum. LoL!!

    1. Bro, I swear that I’ve never seen you post a comment on this website that does not have the word “LoL” somewhere within the comment. I don’t find one thing humorous in any of the articles posted on this website (besides Chavez, that dude’s funny as hell) so there is no need for you to consistently say “LoL”… Just sayin

      1. Some people wear strange hats or colors we don’t like. Telling them you have different tastes just looks cruel.

        Just sayin ;-)

      2. I post “LoL!!” because I’m not trying to start any argument. Its hard to tell the mood or tone of people from text alone. In was just voicing my opinion and I don’t want anyone coming along and saying, I’m trash for saying that or I’m stupid. I’d rather a more civil approach, or an exchange of op I opinions and it works most of the time.

        Also I do it an lot if something makes me smile. “ROTFLoL!!” Is when I actually laugh. But lyk I said, if you actually knew me you’d know that.

        1. I think your No_Nickname is funny. lol I also think you correct in using lol when referring to these tabs are not aimed at anyone on this board. lol (meaning most of us want considerably more in a tab than Asus seems to be proposing in these new tabs) Then again, I think these new Asus tabs are going to be under $200 for the one, and way under $200 for the other; If, they are released as assumed by Mr. Kennemer. This is a good thing, a lot of people out there who want basic functionality, but quality as well. These days, a tab of that nature without all the frills should be very doable. Or, as Microsoft does with College students, sell at cost to students, but this would require greed to be put on the backburner, and I’m not sure how many companies are willing these days. LOL! Not so funny that last statement as it’s too true!
          As an adendum, The Tegra 3 chip is becoming old news, and better options are out there, and more are under development. I would expect to see a Tegra 3 based 7″ Tab with 1280×800 screen, 1GB, 8 GB, Dual Wi/Fi, SD slot, mini HDMI, 2MP V/Cam, 1 OTG USB port, a good sound chip & amp, the newest OS, and good build quality from a major manufacturer at a price point below $150. I think this doable by the end of 2013, maybe sooner. A good, basic, all around good tab that will do most everything an owner of a tab would need or want. Even should the screen need to be 1024×600 to get that $129.99 I’m thinking of, I think this would sell like hotcakes. There are already simular Chinese based tabs (not sure of the quality, but all these tabs, including Apple’s are made in China) with simular specs at $149 to $169 so $129 for the above is not an imagination run wild, it will happen, and I would bet the house it will happen by the end of 2013!

  12. This tablet will be aimed at children/teenagers and people who would normally just buy a regular e-reader. I just hope they don’t skimp on too much though.

  13. Just put a card slot in the stupid thing.
    Google’s madness doesn’t have to be everyone’s madness.

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