Preview: Anomaly Korea from 11 Bit Studios [VIDEO]


If you ever played Anomaly Warzone Earth, you will understand why we jumped at the chance to preview the game’s upcoming sequel. In Anomaly Korea, the action shifts to the games titular country where players will face new enemies and challenges with the help of new units and new powerups in this “tower offense” game.

What is a “tower offense” game? Think of it as the opposite of tower defense. Instead of building up a fortress and waiting for hoards of enemies to come to you, you outfit a crew of tanks, missile launchers, and artillery units and take the combat on the road. As your units come head-to-head with enemy machines, only the strongest survive. You can collect money to upgrade units throughout the game as well as buy additional support.

A big part of the Anomaly series is the use of powerups, which range from necessities like repair to smokescreens to keep enemy fire off your back. New in Anomaly Korea is the Blast powerup, which allows your units to fire faster and further than normal in order to engage a large group of enemies or fire from outside of an attacking tower’s range. New units include the Horangi tank, which can unleash a special power capable of taking out an enemy with a single blast.

While there are plenty of additions to Anomaly Korea, the gameplay remains the same. So does the excellent presentation, which features top-notch voice acting, crisp graphics, and plenty of excitement. Each level can be completed in a variety of ways, whether that means avoiding as many enemies as possible or wiping them all off the map. A number of challenges keep the levels fresh, from rescuing an ally pinned down behind enemy lines to clearing a factory of occupying forces.

Anomaly Korea will be available for Android soon, bringing 12 all-new levels for fans of the original. An advanced ‘Art of War’ mode will put the skills of the most advanced players to the test. From our short preview, we’re left with nothing but excitement for the next entry in the franchise and can’t wait to get our hands on the full game.

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  1. Loved the first one. This one looks awesome too :D

  2. Hmm never played.

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