Dec 17th, 2012

Stephen Colbert is known for his often humorous interviews with celebrities, politicians, and authors on his show The Colbert Report, but the tables were turned when the TV personality made a recent trip to Google. Colbert was on the receiving end of a series of questions submitted by Google employees during an interview hosted by chairman Eric Schmidt.

While the majority of the hour-long interview focuses mostly on Colbert’s latest book, Schmidt managed to slip in a bit of good-natured boasting for his company’s Android platform and Google Play Store. Saying, “I should not turn this into an Android commercial,” Schmidt once again touted the mobile platform’s position as the world’s top mobile operating system. Noting that Android is currently “five times bigger than the iPhone”, he assured Colbert that this fact combined with his book’s availability on Google Play meant “people will actually read your book.”

Colbert, an open fan of Google, had a few suggestions for Schmidt, including a  tweak for the company’s Nexus 7 tablet. The Comedy Central host owns the N7 and requested that Google consider installing a physical volume button on the device. Schmidt had the perfect response. “That would cost extra.”

Most of the Android-related stuff, including a quip on Google Play being a competitor to the rainforest (or more specifically a competitor to an online retailer named after a rainforest) comes within the first 10 minutes, but if you are a fan of Colbert the whole video is worth a watch. Add in the always entertaining Schmidt and it makes for some can’t miss YouTube viewing.

[via AllThingsD]